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رواية حب بالاجبار الفصل الاول والثاني والثالث والرابع والخامس والسادس حصريه وجديده


رواية حب بالاجبار الفصل الاول والثاني والثالث والرابع والخامس والسادس حصريه وجديده 

القراء الاعزاء اضغطوا على التلات نقط إللي باعلي شاشة الموبيل من جهة الشمال واختاروا كلمة ترجمه لقراءه الروايه

A forced love novel, chapters one, two, three, four, five, and six, exclusive and new 

If you think that what you are doing will make me rescind my divorce decision, then you are wrong

_I want to get divorced as soon as possible...the whole story is that I can't explain anything to our family until we get divorced. 

_It is good that we agree on the issue of divorce…….Make your account. Tomorrow we will go to my mother and Yasmine will be there.

-You can't wait until we get divorced and then meet her

_I don’t think that this is anything that matters to you…….I am free to do what I want 

_I told you before that as long as we are married, you cannot sit with her and act as if I do not exist. 

_And I told you that I will do what I want at the time I want……..Aren’t you the one who will tell me what to do and not do what?

He smiled and walked away without waiting for me to respond. He left the house and closed the door behind him nervously. I sat down on the bed tiredly and started crying. 

Yassin and I did not get married out of love...on the contrary, Yassin always tells me that he has never loved me nor will he love me one day...but since the first day I saw him, I have loved him....When he came to propose to me, I could not believe myself from happiness...... .But today, I went from the happiest day of my life to the worst day of my life……On this day, he told me that he loved another woman and that he did not want to marry me just to please his mother. At that time, he asked me to reject him in order to show in front of his mother that I was the one who rejected him, not him… ...Then his mother came to me and asked me to agree and that she knew that he loved Yasmine, but she did not love herShe was confident that no one would love him or fear for him as much as she did. She told me that she had known why I had loved him for a long time, and she was confident that I would be able to make him happy, and that Yasmine, his cousin, who had never loved him nor loved him, would love him one dayI didn’t know what to do……..I was confused whether to agree or refuse……..I prayed Istikharah and then you found me telling Baba that I agreed……..Since the day we got married, he has never treated me well in a day and all the time he belittles me and anything I do…… …I got tired and instead of trying to make him love me, I kept wanting time to pass so that I could get divorced and get out of his life………….I regretted that I agreed to marriage with him when I knew that he loved someone else

I woke up the next day...I went out of the room and found him sitting, wearing his clothes, waiting for me 

_Good morning

_It's still early.........Quickly, prepare yourself so we can go to Mama

I didn't answer him and entered the room again..I sighed and took off my clothes and started to dress. We went down and went to his mother’s house. The first time I saw her, I took her in my arms. 

_Come, my love, come in……..close the door behind you, Yassin

_Okay, even say hello to me, mother

_I don't see you every day, Yassin, but I don't see Khadija except where and where... Stay here because I want to talk to your wife for a while.

She and I entered the room and locked the door. She sat next to me on the bed and started talking while smiling 

_Tell me what you and Yassin are doing 

I started crying. She took me in her arms and started stroking me

_What is the matter, Khadija? What’s wrong with you, my love? Yassin is bothering you about something

_I am very tired, Mama... Yassin all the time belittles me and everything I do... All the time I try to make him love me and I try to deal with him well, but no... Yassin will never love me, Mama... He loves Yasmine and Yasmine loves him... ……We both did this, it was the biggest mistake…….You shouldn’t have separated them, knowing that they loved each other. 

_If I had known that Yasmine loved Yassin in my life, I would not have separated them, but I am quite sure that she has never loved him nor will she ever love him....Yasmine’s love for Yassin is a love she only has...since they were young together and nothing was able to separate them from each other, and she was long beside her. Time is with her, but the one who truly loves my son is you, Khadija, and I am confident in you and that you will be able to do soMake him love you and forget his love for Yasmine_ Oh mother, Yassin can't see me at all. He has never loved anyone, nor will he ever love anyone else. My presence next to him tortures me and tortures him, and I really can't stand it anymore....I'm tired, I swear. 

_Whoever loves someone will do everything he can to make him happy, Khadija...Don’t despair and give up on your love so quickly, my love. 

_If I had hoped that he loved me, I would not have despaired, Mama, but he loves her and he will never think about loving me one day.

_Don't worry, I'll do it 

_What are you going to do?

_Leave this matter to me and I will deal with it

The door banged... He opened the door and entered

_Mama Yasmine and her aunt arrived

_Okay, my love, I'm coming

She smiled and patted me on the shoulder...we both left the room..I greeted them and remained silent the entire time

_Why are you silent, Khadija?

_No need, aunt……I’m just a little tired 

_Don’t be upset about Yassin sitting with Yasmine……this Yasmine is exactly like his sister 

_No, this is Khadija, sane, generous, and she knows very well that they are exactly like sisters. Not like that, Yassin, my love. 

_Oh, of course, Mama…Thank God, I am full 

_You started eating, Yassin. This has never been your food

_No, this is Yassin’s food since the time we got married

_You seem upset with him, Khadija 

_This is Khadija, this is Nesma, I swear to God, how can you upset him? But, Yasmine, she does everything she can all the time to keep him happy and happy……..May God keep them together, O Lord

I smiled and remained silent after my mother responded to her. We finished eating and sat together for a while, then we went. 



_I wanted to talk to you about this topic

_Please tell me because it is not empty 

_We won't get divorced

_Why, God willing 

_Because I'm pregnant



_You definitely won't leave what's in your stomach 

_You want me to kill my son, Yassin 

_It is not the best thing for someone to come into this world to find his father and mother divorced and each one of them cannot stand the other.

_No, you have definitely gone crazy, Yassin……..I will never kill my son with my own hands.

_It is not in your mood, Khadija……..what is in your stomach will fall into your mood or will be against you

_Yassin, are you aware of what you are saying…This is your son who wants me to kill him

_What do you say? I am not lacking in wisdom and sermons from you. I told you that this boy must come home as soon as possible.

_No, I can't hear anything else from you, and I can't wait to sit with you after that... Divorce me, Yassin. 

_I will divorce you, but when what I told you about happens first..I am not prepared to take you back again after I divorce you because of what is in your stomach

_And you think that I can take you back again after we get divorced after what you said?

_What do I tell you? I am the one who said divorce. I will not divorce until I am sure that you have put down what is in your stomach.

He made me cry and went into the room……I sat on the chair and started crying……I couldn’t imagine that this would be his reaction……..I thought he would be happy with the news of my pregnancy and that his treatment of me would be better……but what he did left me shocked and I couldn’t believe myself. ……….For the first time, I feel that I really can’t stand it or even be able to sit with him in one place ……….For the first time, I am the one asking him for a divorce and I really want to get a divorce and get away from him

Except for a week, I was unable to see his face or sit in one place with him……..I found him opening the door of the room for me and entering while he was angry.

_You still haven't done what I told you to do

_It's so urgent that I want to kill your son by my own hands..In general, don't worry, I'll go to the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment with him

_Good... Your divorce papers will be delivered to you after you leave the hospital 

The door banged…..he left me and opened it…..I sighed tiredly and wiped something with my hands while I was trying to stop my tears from falling…..it opened and it was his mother……..as soon as I heard her voice I quickly got up and went to her.

_Hello, Mama, please come in

_ It's been a week since none of you have asked. Even Ali told me to come and check on you myself.

_My light, my love...please come in

_Okay, I will leave you and go for a short walk and come back again

_Where are you going, Yassin?... I came to sit with you, my son, so that you could tell me that I am walking.

_Sorry, Mama, I have an important trip and I have to go...don’t worry, I won’t be late

He came out and we left. She held my hand and made me sit next to her

_You did what I told you to do, my love 

She smiled, looked in front of me, and started talking

_I did……..the first time I told him that I was pregnant, I was very happy, Mama……..I couldn’t believe that he would be so happy since that day, and he changed with me and remained better with me than before.

- And still, Khadija, my love... When the pregnancy becomes real and your son or daughter comes, your whole life will be better and he will love you and completely forget Yasmine.

_Oh Lord, Mama 

I couldn't tell her the truth, that her son wants me to kill our son, and that he doesn't like me to the point that he doesn't want to leave me..For the first time, I lied to her because I know that she will try in every possible way to prevent our divorce...but this time, I am the one who does not want her to do that because I can no longer bear to live with him, nor do I even want to see him.

Except for 3 days……I discovered that I was actually pregnant and the lie I told him remained true……I didn’t know what to do or how to act, but what I was sure of was that I really couldn’t live with him or have a son with someone like him.

I sent him a message on my phone

“I did what we agreed on. I hope you send me my divorce papers to my father’s house.”

Reply to me by message 

“At night, you will have your paper……..I hope you will not meet again, even if it is a coincidence.”

After I saw his message, I threw the phone on the bed and started crying 

"Yasin "

I sent her divorce papers to her father’s house…….finally we divorced and Yasmine and I will be able to get married…….I went to my mother to tell her that I divorced Khadija…….the first time she saw me she asked me about her

_Hello, my love…… Where is Khadija’s hopes?

_I really don't know who among us is your son, mother 

_You are both my children and I love you both

_Okay, come, mother, because I want to talk to you about an important topic

_What is this topic, my love? 

_Come on, mother...sit down 

We sat on the sofa... I sighed and started talking

_Mama, I divorced Khadija 

_I divorced her..How did you say that you were happy with her pregnancy and that your relationship was starting to improve?

_ What did she carry? Did you even know!

_Yes……..Honestly, I was the one who told her to tell you that she is pregnant so that your treatment of her would improve……..but I did not imagine that you would be divorced…….Why did you do that, my love? She loved you.

_Why are you determined to let my life go according to your own desire? Why is everything necessary for you to plan……..I must marry Khadija, one day you will be angry with me, and I must forget my love for Yasmine because she does not love me as much as I love her, and I must also love Mrs. Khadija because she is kind and loves me…… ...Why do you want everything in my life to go with your mood only?

_To this extent, Yassin, you find me unjust.... All I did, my son, is because I love you and want you to be happy and happy in your life...Everything I did was for you and only you, my son....I wanted to see you as the happiest person in the world, and no one would have made you as happy as Khadija because she loves you....In general, my son, I am sorry, and from today I will not enter your life again. Live as you live and consider me... Die to be relieved from me

I tried to talk to her and apologize, but I entered her room and locked the door on her....I sat on the chair and regretted the way I treated her....She left her room crying...I ran to her anxiously.

_Come on, Khadija, Yassin...she had an accident and they took her to the hospital...and I paid my debt to my daughter

I remained silent, not understanding what she said, and not knowing what to do


_You didn't say that you had this disease in your stomach.........How can the doctor say that you are still pregnant?

_This is what concerns you.........You do not care about this incident that you did

_Don't change the subject, Khadija.........Why did you lie to me and say that you posted it?

_Because I am not crazy, Yassin, to kill my son with my own hands..........If you don't want it, I want it and I won't go down and listen to your words...........and don't worry, I don't want anything from you. I will be able to spend well on my son and we won't need anything from you. 

_This is not the time to talk, Khadija. You should rest now because you are tired. And you, Yassin, go now and then continue talking.

_No, Mama, I won't leave until we talk and end this matter

_And I have said it, Yassin.........I will not post it, I will do what you have to do. 

_Okay, Khadija, but remember that I told you that I don’t want to, and that you will put him down at your own discretion or against your will.

_Enough is enough……You are no one’s concern at all, Yassin…….So, take account of my existence until………….You have gone crazy for the rest. You want to kill your son...God sent you a blessing from Him and you want to get rid of it...from my nation and you remained without a heart like this. No, you are definitely not Yassin, my son whom I raised...All this because of the one whose name is Yasmine. I wish she loved you as much as you loved her..I was wrong when I let you marry Khadija and said that you could forget Yasmine and your love for her with Khadija....You want to go to Yasmine. Go ahead, even if it is about your son, don’t worry. You will not even see him or see him....Leave her, but be sure that you will regret it, and I will not forgive you, nor will I, nor will you be the victim. D

_You are standing with her against me

_I stand with the truth…….Go outside, I don't want to see you again...and I will never forgive you, Yassin 

_Okay, mother, but remember that you stood with her against me

He left the room and closed the door nervously. She approached me and took me in her arms. She started talking while making me feel happy.

_You have the right to me, my daughter. I am the reason for all this…….. I am the one who made you agree to it. I am sorry, my daughter.

_I'm afraid he'll do something, Mama... I don't have anything to fear anymore except my son, and I'm afraid he'll take him from me.

_Don't be afraid, he won't be able to do anything, even if he thinks about doing something to you or what's in your belly, I'm the one who will stand up for him and I won't be silent....Don't think about anything, rest now, and then we'll talk. 

_I want to go…….I don’t want to sit in the hospital here

_Stay here, but today and tomorrow the doctor will come and check on you, and then we will ask him to come out....I need something to do for you.

_No thanks……..I want to get some sleep 

_Okay, my love, sleep a little while and I will sit here. If you need anything, tell me

I smiled and shook my head happily....I closed my eyes and fell asleep

"Yasin "

- Yes, Yassin, you called me and told me that you wanted to see me if there was anything necessary or not

_I divorced Khadija, Yasmine 

_Seriously... Finally, my love, I divorced her... I seriously can't believe myself that you have finally gotten rid of her and we will be together, my love...but you seem upset, why? 

_There is a calamity... Khadija is pregnant 

_Pregnant!……I sure told her to put it down, not like that

_I certainly didn't do that, and my mother fought with me because of her....I don't know how I look. I will never get rid of this girl...even after I divorced her. 

_Don't worry, my love, this issue will be resolved and you will get rid of her

_But, Yasmine, what are we going to do? I mean... I'm telling you that I got into an argument with my mother and the matter has grown and we look like this and we don't know how to do anything. 

_I told you not to worry, I know what I will do

_What are you going to do?

_It is not important now, I will tell you later.........the important thing is that you will come to ask for my hand from my nation’s father

_I'm ready to come now 

_Okay, let's go... I believe we got rid of the one named Khadija so that we could be together. 

_Me too, my love……You can’t imagine that I was dreaming of this day from my nation. 

_Okay, let's quickly go to Baba and ask him for my hands 

_I don't mind, my love. Come on

I held her hand and we got up to go to her father…….I was happy at this moment because I had been waiting for it for a long time.


I woke up and tried to get up, but I couldn't get close to me while she was talking

_What do you want, my love? Wait, I will come to help you 

She helped me get up and sat next to me

_Hungry, my love 

I shook my head no 

_How come, my love, you haven’t eaten anything since the morning………and then you are pregnant, so you have to eat for what is in your stomach?

_I have no breath, Mama, I swear

_Okay, I will go get you something to eat and you can try to eat it, my love 


_Yes, my dear 

_Thank you for everything you do for me... I really don't know how to thank you for what or what. Since the day my father died, you have been standing beside me and helping me as if I were your real daughter. You always stand with me, even if I was wrong. May God protect you for me because you compensated for my mother's absence. May God have mercy on her.

_You thank me for something, my love. You are my daughter....God, I sold you to me because I wanted to have a daughter. You are more than my daughter, Khadija, and what I do with you is normal, my love. 

_May God protect you for me, my love 

_And keep you for me, my love 

She took me in her arms... She stood up and started speaking

_I will go get you something to eat. I want something else

_No, Mama, thank you

She left the room and closed the door behind her... After she left, the door banged

I adjusted my seat and looked towards the door


As soon as the door opened and I entered, I was shocked and unable to believe the bus at the door



_What brought you, Yasmine……..it is not enough what happened because of you

- Someone told you that I was the reason for the incident you did, Khadija 

_It's not far... You haven't tried that before, and you haven't forgotten about it 

_I told you 100 times, I was not the one who did that....Why are you so determined that I was the one who did it?

_What should I say, Yasmine? This is not the time..Because I will not be convinced that anyone else did it... I hope you tell me what you have, because I am tired and cannot speak.

_Okay……..then we will talk about what is important

_If only

_Look, Khadija, I love Yassin, and Yassin loves me. I think you know that well.

_I know……….and I think it doesn’t matter to me because I got divorced from him and no longer have anything to do with him

_Not for you, Khadija…….If you were not pregnant, but now your pregnancy caused a problem and made my father disapprove of our relationship when he found out about your pregnancy. 

_And what is required of me

_You know very well what is required of you, Khadija 

_You mean that I should put it down, not like that

_Sure………If you really don’t love Yassin as you say, drop him off so you can get rid of anything that ties you to him. 

_Look, Yasmine, I said to Yassin, and I will tell you too...I am the one in my stomach, I will not go down even if I die...and so, I do not want anything from him, and he is not a virgin, and neither I nor his son, and your words, whether you or he, will not bring me any results.

_I mean, do you see that, Khadija?

_Yes…….and what you have, do it 

_I mean, this is the last thing you have to say…….Okay, Khadija, but you will never regret what you did……..even if it was the last time, you accused me of something that I did not do, this time, I will do it seriously………Peace, Khadija 

As soon as I opened the door, I found my mother in her face 

_Yasmine……..what are you doing here? 

_There is nothing, aunt, I…….I used to check on Khadija and see her if she wanted anything

_No, my love, Khadija, my daughter. I am with her and she does not need anyone to be with her......My soul, my love. 

_Yasmine was a fan, Mama, come

We left and my mother walked in and locked the door and came close to me and sat next to me

_What did she want?

_There was no way she was checking on me

_I'm checking on you too..I certainly annoyed you with my words… Tell me what she told you and I will deal with her and Farida, my sister

_There is nothing wrong, Mama, by God, don’t worry, even if she bothered me with her words, I responded to her well. 

_My love, why don't you want to tell me? 

_Because there is nothing to worry about, by God 

_There is no power but from God………..Okay, my love, I brought you the food. Come on, eat it

_I can't, Mama, I swear

_For the sake of what is in your stomach, my love, you must eat well 


I started eating while sitting next to me, waiting for me to finish eating

"Yasin "

I saw her coming from afar...I ran to her and started talking quickly 

_What did you do?...convince her 

_Unfortunately no……….She told me that no matter how much we talk about what is in her brain, she will do what is in her stomach 

_Okay, then what will we do?

_I don’t know, Yassin……And my father also doesn’t agree with our engagement because of this child……but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.

_What are you going to do, Yasmine?

_Surely I will find a solution, but leave this issue to me, my love, and don’t worry about anything 

_Okay……Oh God, do you know how to do something? 

_Don't worry, I will do what I can and I will end this matter 

_Okay……..Come on, so I can go with you

_No, my love, I want to sit with you for a while, so don’t let us go now 

_Me too, my love, but it's getting late...it's been a few days, my love, and this issue of Khadija is ending and my uncle approves of our marriage and we stay together. 

_Oh Lord, my love 

I held her hands and we walked to go to her


Except for three days… I left the hospital and my mother was determined to come sit with me so that I wouldn’t sit alone

_Come on, my love, the food is ready

_Yes, Mama……I don’t know what to tell you, Mama, because you are so tired

- How tired, my love, but you are my daughter. If I don’t get tired for you, I will get tired for who, but?

_May God protect you for me, mother... He hasn't talked to you yet

_Even if he talks to me, I don’t want to talk to him again until he understands and knows that what he is doing is wrong. 

_For my sake, mother, talk to him... I feel guilty all the time because I am the reason for this quarrel with you.

_My love, do not feel guilty. He is supposed to feel guilty, not you, who made a mistake and must bear the consequences of his mistake, and I will not forgive him unless he realizes it. 

_May God guide him, O Lord

_Oh Lord, my daughter…….Come on, no more talking and finish eating everything, my love 


I started eating and she was standing next to me..I am the luckiest person in the world because of the presence of my mother in my life…… She is always by my side and she stands by me all the time…….Truly, I love her and fear for her and consider her my mother, but my presence with her will cause great harm to me and my son…….I must walk for him and to be confident. Yassin will not leave me alone until my son dies..I have to go away and leave them... I was forced to leave her without even saying it, but it was all for the sake of my son... It was two in the morning... I opened the bedroom door and made sure she was sleeping. I closed it comfortably and took my bag and went to the table. She would wet a piece of paper on the table. I walked... opened the apartment door and came back and looked at the house sadly..It was a shame for me to walk, but I had no solution other than that to protect my son from the evil of Yasmine, who tried before to kill me, and who is not far away, is trying to do it again... I closed the door and walked away and decided that I would start my life over, away from them.


_I am tired, Yasmine……..we have been in this situation for 5 years……..I have the right to be a father 

_And I told you a thousand times, Yassin, that I am not ready to lose everything I have achieved in order to succeed. 

_And I took the five-year allowance for your sake, and you are also determined to do what is on your mind, and frankly, I am tired.

_I'm sorry, Yassin, I won't be able to do that for any reason whatsoever

_I am also sorry, Yasmine. I also cannot continue with you in this way....I have the right to be a father like anyone else.

_You want us to get divorced, Yassin 

_ Yes, Yasmine... It seems that I made a mistake when I threw away Khadija and my son because of my love for you.

_You mean that you regret loving me, not like that

_It doesn't matter anymore, whether we regret it or not...I'm walking

I left her and walked……….I went out of the house and locked the door nervously... Five years of marriage, and I have been trying to convince her of my successor and that I want to be a father, and she refuses the matter... Because of her success and that she has remained a great model, she does not want to ruin her body because of pregnancy and succession... Five years in strife... And I scream every day……..I thought that our life would be the best thing because we love each other, but I turned out to be wrong………….Yasmine is not like Khadija, nor will she ever be like her... Khadija all the time cared about me and everything about me, whether the food I liked, my work schedules, everything she cared about, unlike Yasmine....I am the last thing she cares about all the time. She forgets me and only thinks about herself... .....After I married Yasmine, I knew the value of Khadija and I knew that I would never find someone like her and that I had lost her………If I only knew where she was, I would do the impossible to make her forgive me and start a new page with her and forget what was past.


_Yazan……Come on, my love, so we can go to school 

_For my sake, Mama, let me sleep for a while 

_When we come back from school, you can sleep comfortably, my love, please 

_I'm so tired, Mama, I won't be able to go to school today 

_Are you tired? Show me that…….oh, you’re so hot. We have to go to the doctor so he can give you a needle to keep you feeling well, my love. 

_No, no, needle, no, I am still fine

_ Hello, I am fine now..Ok, come in, wash your hands and go to school 

_It's school every day, and I'm tired

_I hear you, Yazan

He went in to wash his hands and face……I helped him put on his clothes…….I held his hand and we went down and took him to school and then I went to work…………Five years passed and I spent all my time between work and Yazan……I started a new life away from everything that had passed……I traveled to Alexandria, and after I traveled for a while, I spoke to my mother and told her where I was and asked her not to tell anyone about my place……After I knew where I was, he came to me. Alexandria stayed with me for a month or two and came back to Cairo again... After Yazan was born, she started looking for meUntil I found a job in an import and export company...I kept trying to balance work and Yazan…….My boss had no objection to Yazan being with me…….I continued to live my life with Yazan, but I no longer had time to love anyone again and I didn’t even like the idea at all……….I went to the company and left. At my boss's desk and I started banging


She opened the door, entered, and closed the door behind her

_Good morning, Mr. Moataz

_Good morning, Khadija

_I am sorry for being late 

_Never mind, I know that you are busy with Yazan……..he is doing what is true

_Thank God, it is good……..I note all of your appointments today and breakfast 

_You are in such a hurry for work, Khadija……Okay, my lady

_excuse me 

_Wait, Khadija 

He stood up and approached me... He started talking while he was rooting on the ground

_Khadija is……..it was your idea about the topic I spoke to you about

_I don't need to think...I made a decision that I made a long time ago...I'm sorry, Mr. Moataz, but I don't agree. 

_But I have the right to know what the reason is

_You don't have to listen to a trivial story like this

_Khadija, I said it to you and I will say it to you again, and I am ready to say it to you a thousand times…………I love you, Khadija, and I am ready to listen to you my whole life and I will never tire of talking. I will hear you and nothing else matters. 

_Excellent, Mr. Moataz…….I am one of the people who married the person she loved the most in her life, even though I knew that I loved him for others. However, I tolerated it and said that he will surely love me with time, but this did not happen on the contrary. He was treating me with the worst treatment you can imagine, Your Honor, and I also tolerated it because of my love. Why did I get pregnant with Yazan? He asked me to have sex with him, but I refused, and he was his lover. Who I used to see her with and who they wereThey live their lives forgetting that I am still his wife and they were always close to each other and in love with each other in front of me. She also asked me to die my son with my own hands because her father refused to let them get married while I was pregnant with his son until she ran away and took the whole world away because she was afraid for my son.

I tried to prevent myself from crying... I wiped my face

_Give, Khadija…….You will feel comfortable when you give

_No…….I don’t find it difficult for me to cry because of him……..I think you knew the reason for my rejection, Mr. Moataz

_What you said is not a reason for you to hate love and close its door and be a father and mother to your son……Khadija, I went through an experience like you, and it could be worse…… My wife cheated on me and I did not love her. In my life, I experienced a great shock, but that does not mean that I close myself to this love and live the same way you lived, on the contrary, because this is not a reason for you to close yourself in. Believe me, Khadija… ……You and I lived through two experiences that were more difficult than each other, but that does not mean that we are closed offOur soul and we prevent ourselves from living, O Khadija…….Please, Khadija, give me and yourself a chance and try to agree, and believe me, I will compensate you for everything that happened.

_I will not be able 

_ Try for Yazan’s sake…… Try, and I swear to God, I promise you that I will compensate you for everything that happened, Khadija. 

I shook my head and started talking while feeling tired 

_Now, repeat the interview you attended to choose the new employee 

_Okay, start entering and enter with them, with your permission 


I went out and found someone standing in front of the door. I approached the first person standing at the door

_May I know your name, please?

_Yassin Raafat……Khadija!

I looked at him in shock and I couldn't believe it myself, nor did I imagine that I would even meet him one day. 



_I miss you, Khadija…Five years I have been trying to find you and I cannot reach you

_ Mr. Moataz, I am waiting for you, please

_Khadija, I need to talk to you. I have a lot of things I want to tell you

_I don’t think there is anything to talk about between us, Mr. Yassin……..please go ahead, because Mr. Moataz has a lot of work to do and he does not have time.

_To this extent, you cannot stop with me for five minutes, Khadija…….But it is not important, the important thing is that I knew how to reach you after five years……..I was coming to look for a job here……but after I met you, there is no longer any difference with me except you and only you, and I will not leave before we talk, Khadija. 

_ Mr. Yassin, I told you that Mr. Moataz is not empty, so if you do not intend to enter the interview, it would be better if someone else enters. 

_No, I'm inside..But believe me, Khadija, I will not leave here before we talk and try to fix everything that happened


I opened the office door and entered while trying to hold myself close to him with difficulty and started talking

_Mr. Moataz, Professor Yassin Raafat 

_Please, Mr. Yassin………Mrs. Khadija, with your permission for a few seconds

We moved away from him and he started talking to me in a low voice

_What's wrong with you?!

I shook my head no and looked at him... He was spying on us and wasn't looking away from us

_You know him

_My ex-husband

_there is it

He looked at him nervously and was leaving while he was nervous...I held his hand and started speaking calmly

_ Mr. Moataz…… Please don’t do anything to him…… This is someone coming for a job and he definitely needs this job…… If you really love me as you say, don’t hurt him…… On the contrary, I want you to sit with him and see what’s wrong with him, even if you like it and find it. He is the best one of those presented, I hope you accept him

_I seriously don't believe you, Khadija. You want me after everything I heard from you and learned about him. I agree to keep you and him in one place....It's impossible for me to do that, Khadija.

_This is the first request I ask of you…….Please do what I told you to do…….Believe me, I will not be upset if you do that because it no longer makes any difference to me………….The whole story is that I was shocked by his presence here 

_I will try, Khadija, to do what you asked for, but your appointment is not….but I have one condition


_You go now and tomorrow, we will talk about this topic

_I will not be able to tell you no...with your permission 

I took my bag and was leaving……..he stood up, looked at me, and started speaking 

-Where are you going, Khadija?  

_I think that you are coming to meet me because of the interview, and you are not coming to meet Ms. Khadija…..that is not the case, nor am I wrong, Mr. Yassin. 

_By the way, I know Khadija, and I think you know about this

_We here do not involve work in personal relationships……..Go ahead, Ms. Khadija 

_Yes……..with your permission 

I went out and closed the door behind me..I didn’t want to meet him again……..I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten everything that had passed and lived a peaceful life………Five years and I was trying to forget all the harm I had caused him, and in one moment, everything I had tried to do in the five years was gone just by what I saw in front of him…… …..I remembered everything he did to me and what caused it……….I wasn't afraid of anything more than my fear for Yazan and that he might take it from him....Since the day Yazan was born, I had no one else....I was trying to be a father and a mother for him at the same time...I was trying to do everything I could so that he wouldn't feel... His father is not here……I am afraid that after he comes back and is still in the same place we are in, he will take Yazan from me………….It will be then that he will take my soul from me………….I really don’t know what to do or how to behave………….I kept walking by the sea for a while until Yazan’s school day came and I went and took him and we went. 

He started talking while holding my hand

_Mama, I am very hungry

_ Yes, my love... What do you think if we go and eat pizza?

_Seriously, Mama……you will agree that I eat pizza  

_Just today, one day won't make any difference to us 

_Haaa……..you are the sweetest mother in the world

Why did you smile? He and I went to a pizza restaurant and ordered two pizzas. After the pizza came, we started eating.

_What do you think of pizza, Mr. Yazan?

_It tastes very sweet, Mama

_Yazan, you know how much I love you, right?

_Of course I know, Mama………and I love you very much too 

_Okay, my love, I want to talk to you about something…….Look, Yazan, my love……….You are the most precious thing in my life and I can never live without you…….But I want you to know very well that if I stay away from you, it will be my oppression. I'm not in the mood at all 

_Why do you say that, Mama? 

_Look, my love, there are things that could happen that would keep us apart from each other, just you and me. Believe me, I will not leave you and I will come back to you again, and no matter what happens, I will come back to you again. 

_May God keep you for me, mother, and never be far from me, oh Lord 

_And may you be with me, my love, and always stay by my side

He came close to me and hugged me... I hugged him and I was afraid that Yassin would take him from me and deprive me of him.

I heard his voice…… I looked at him in shock

What I am afraid of will happen, Khadija, and I will not be silent until I take it from you. 

"Yasmine "

-He kept telling me that he regretted marrying him and that he regretted leaving the woman named Khadija because of his love for me...and he also travels and I don't know where he is going.

_You were the one who made a mistake from the beginning when you agreed to your marriage with him, Yasmine 

_ Sorry, I will know how to regret what he said to me......... He is not regretting it, and I miss him. I will make her miss him for the rest of his life. 

_What are you going to do?

_I want you to know where this girl went and come and tell me. What I did in the past, I will do again, but this time its end will be at my hands, not like in the past.

He follows 

تابعووووني للتكملة 


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