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رواية كاميليا بقلم ندا سليمان الفصل الاول والثاني والثالث والرابع حصريه وجديده


رواية كاميليا بقلم ندا سليمان الفصل الاول والثاني والثالث والرابع حصريه وجديده 

اضغطوا على التلات نقط إللي باعلي شاشة الموبيل من جهة الشمال واختاروا كلمة ترجمه لقراءه الروايه 

Camellia's novel by Nada Suleiman, chapters one, two, three and four, exclusive and new 

I don't know where to start my story? Hmmm, let me start it with the most difficult moment that I experienced. On a Thursday, one o’clock after midnight, I woke up to a slap from my husband. He was holding in his hands the birth control strip that I had hidden from him and my mobile phone. He opened a message between me and my cousin and asked me about it. He asked who else? He didn't give me the right to answer, he threw me in the dock and sentenced me without listeningOne word, I couldn't even speak from so much hitting!Ok, how can I leave again when we can't spend on one girl? His mother is committing adultery again because she does not live with us or sees our situation. I tried to explain my reasons to him, but he did not listen to me! 

I tried to explain to him that I was borrowing money from my cousin for his sake and to find out about our daughter, and he could convey my situation to my family and their hearts were aching, but he did not believe me, even though all the messages were clear about what he meant. He accused me in my honor, hit me, and insulted me. I thought the fight would end here like every time, or that he would lock me up for a while, but I was surprised when he threw me outside the house with the sound of sleep and closedThe door of the apartment. I was in shock and crying like little children. I was banging on the door so that it would open for me to cover myself. I was afraid that someone from the neighbors would come out and see me with this scene. I thought he would punish me a little and open the door and let me in, but unfortunately it did not open. The first time I heard my daughter screaming was my heart out. It hurt me and I stumbled and screamed quite loudlyThe neighbors who went to us opened the door and were shocked when they saw me wearing this dress. My neighbor got up and entered his house. He brought an abaya from his wife and called on it from behind the door. She covered me with it. I was not conscious. I just wanted to hug my daughter and reassure her. My neighbor tried to calm me down. I lost consciousness and woke up and found myself in a living room. At her house, she reassured me that her husband was leaving and was trying to calm him downHe mediates between us. I knew that he would not listen to him as usual, and we actually heard him insulting him and kicking him out. Then he came in and said that he took the girl and walked away. I quickly got up to follow them. I was running up the stairs with my neighbor behind me. I didn’t follow him. He took my daughter and I don’t know where he was going!

My neighbor offered me a place to stay with her until the morning, but I am helpless from her and her husband after the situation they saw me in, except that I will not sleep while my daughter is not on my lap!

I thanked her for the abaya and the hijab and walked away. I didn’t know where to go or how to act. I preferred to run on the path I had taken in the car so I could catch up with them! 

I didn't feel the pain in my legs, but they couldn't hold me any longer, so I fell. I kept crying and thinking about everything I had been through and what I had done to myself. I couldn't bear it anymore. I decided to end my tragedy. I stood up, and at the same moment I was about to throw myself into the embrace of death, I heard the voice of my daughter and my heart. I couldn't let her go. She woke up at the last moment and sat on the sidewalk cryingIn distress, I don't know what I should do or where to go?!You may have been shocked by what happened to my husband, but the real shock was when you found out that we got married after a five-year love affair!

For seven years, I have been living a different life. Camelia El-Shenawy is the only daughter of the owner of the largest iron and steel factory. Naturally, I live pampered and luxurious. My requests are answered before I ask for them. Until I entered the Faculty of Mass Communications, I was very happy because this was the first time I entered a path of my own choosing and my own efforts. That's why I refused to enter a private university. I couldn't believe what I foundAn opportunity to get away from my father’s control and influence for a little. My life was normal, a girl full of enthusiasm and life until the day when I went to visit my friend in the College of Engineering. She was standing with a group of her colleagues, and standing among them was one who addressed them and spoke enthusiastically and revolutionary in order to encourage them not to remain silent about something that happened in the college. I didn't know what she was or wasHe was very focused on him. He looked very attractive as he spoke. I stood beside her, paying attention with all my senses until his eyes came into mine. It was as if everyone standing around us had disappeared and all the voices had fallen silent. At that time, I wished time would stand still and this moment would be prolonged, but unfortunately it ended quickly and he finished his words. I sat with my friend. I was lost in the cafeteria, still under the influence of the moment and unable to translateThe mess inside me!Suddenly I found him coming to us with his friend, who was also my friend’s fiancé. Our eyes met for the second time. This was the first time I felt this. My heart was beating fast and I felt numbness in all my limbs. They stood at our table while I was sitting there, very nervous from his looks. He said to his friend:

_Won't you know us?

- Of course, you know Nour, my fiancée, and her friend Camelia in the media 

He smiled and welcomed me, and my friend’s fiancé continued:

_I know you, Camelia M

He interrupted him and extended his hands in greeting while saying:

_ Mahmoud has a third degree in engineering 

She smiled and welcomed him without extending her hand, so Nour apologized and said to him:

_ Sorry, engineer, Camellia's origin is a little old and does not greet men 

I looked at her with blame and said:

_ Is it correct now that it is an old accuracy?! 

He withdrew his hands and was still smiling, then said to Nour:

_ On the contrary, it is not an old accuracy or anything, it is the correct thing, and I am sorry that I was hasty and acted wrongly 

- Don't worry, I will ask your permission because the Arabic language has arrived  

After I left, I found Nour talking to me and saying that Mahmoud liked my personality and was happy that I was consistent in my dress and behavior, and I was very surprised by this. I was not surprised by his surprise because I had become accustomed to people who interact with me and do not know who I am. They put the image in their minds that I must be good and do everything wrong!

I don't blame them. The media can plant any idea very easily. I was afraid of my strange attraction to him, especially since he was angry with me. Every time I go to Nour, my eyes alone search for him in all the confusion around us, and when I see him, I feel strange and new feelings for me, and oh what happens to my heart when he smiles. His personality is very attractive, a man who combines seriousness and..Light-blooded, he is zealous for the truth and softens in an instant as if he were another person other than the one who was screaming and talking a while ago. A strange combination that attracted me, but every time he tried to get closer to me and enter the circle of my life that they had locked on me, I would brake myself and take a step back. I was living in a struggle. I was raised to be forced. There are limits in dealing between a girl and a boy, and this love is withinMovies, but in reality it is forbidden. Suddenly, I was forced to drown in the sea of ​​love, and when I tried to escape, I was like someone swimming against the current! 

After a load of light and many attempts from him, in the end, I succumbed to drowning!

We got engaged in secret. No one knew except Nour and her fiancé. We agreed that we would turn this engagement into an official engagement after he graduated and found a job. I was enchanted. I finally experienced the love that I used to see in the movies! 

A year passed, and the second, and the third, and the fourth, and I still kept my promise, and every time someone approached me, I refused and used my studies as an excuse. Finally, he found a job in a small company, and he kept his promise. The second day after he received the job, he said that he wanted to meet my father. I was ecstatic with joy that the dream had finally come true? Will my beloved Pete and I finally reunite? I was naive, and love was all around me, thinking only of my heart and nothing of my mind, thinking that everything was simple and easy with the same ease with which anything I asked for came to me! 

I was reluctant to talk to my father about him, so I told my mother and my little brother because he was the closest one to me among my three sisters. I certainly did not tell the details, but I said that there was a good person who wanted to propose to me. My mother told my father and of course he asked about him and everyone in his family, but I found him refusing. I kept crying to my mother and my brother to some extent. They convinced him to meet him, and he actually came home, and my father sat with himI was in El Geneina for one hour, and I was watching them from the balcony of my room. Mahmoud’s features while he was walking worried me. As soon as he left the house, I spoke to him, but he didn’t come back to me. I asked my mother about what happened, and she told me that my father saw someone who was not suitable for me. I told her:

_ Because I am not from the same class that you guys brag about! 

She responded irritably:

_ Kamelia, you know very well that we do not brag about anything, nor is this my father’s thinking. The proof is that your cousin approached you while he was still studying and building himself, and your father agreed, but this person, your father, says that he feels irresponsible and will not be able to open a house, and all his words are unrealistic. 

_ He agreed because he intended to work with him, meaning he would guarantee the job. Why wouldn’t he do that with Mahmoud? I see that he is still building himself a job and giving him a salary to open a house

- My love, remove the film that he put on your eyes. You may like him a little, or you may love him, but marriage is not love. Marriage is much greater than love, and even if the person you are going to live with will not be able to offer you anything but love, then be sure that this relationship will fail. And then, when Dad asked about him, he found Important information: His mother used to make a recorder for his fatherHe hit her. Someone who was raised and saw before his eyes that his father does not respect his mother. How will he respect you?!_What is his fault? Not all homes have problems, Mahmoud is different

_ There is no further discussion on this topic, Camelia. You may feel that your father’s decision is against your will, but listen to his words. Father and mother still have experience in life and see things from above in all their dimensions other than the limited view in which you only use your heart! 

I stubbornly said:

_But I love Mahmoud and will not marry anyone else 

She left me and before she left, she said:

_ Don't forget that it is impossible for your father in particular to be stubborn 

I went out and broke down. I wasn't thinking about anything except that I wanted to stay with Mahmoud, so the next day I went to the office, he was running away from me and didn't even want to hear me. When I cried, he told me that my father came down on his dignity and said that he would not be able to live with me for a single day of what he lived in. At my family's house, I felt angry. In a moment, I forgot my family and forgot everything about my upbringingAnd she found me saying, “But I need you and I will choose you and I will stand by your side until the end.” I went home and decided to fight for my love. I locked myself in my room and forbade eating, and Mahmoud communicated with me and encouraged me to stay together. They transferred me to the hospital due to lack of food, and despite all my attempts, my father increased his insistence. Despite the rejection, until I found Mahmoud in meOne day he tells me“We have no choice but to run away from home!” 


“We have no choice but to run away from home!”

The sentence surprised me. It had never occurred to me before, and I had never even thought that I could do it one day!

Because I found the idea difficult, I told him to wait a little while for him to develop himself and prove to Baba that he was worthy of me. He might be convinced, and in fact I preferred to support him and wait for him. I was also helping him financially behind my family so that he could be himself. Three months passed during which I was isolated from my family, living with them, but all the time in my room, not speaking. With anyone or not with anyone, even my behavior has changedAt first, they were trying to get me out of my isolation, and with my insistence, they left me alone. Until my cousin approached me again, and this time, my father was different. This time, he began to exercise dictatorship regarding my passport decision. I called Mahmoud and told him that this was the right time to escape, and then we would put my family in front of the fait accompli. Love was my year, but despite thatThe idea is rejected inside me. I cannot imagine doing this to my family. I found him giving me the choice of either running away with him tonight or each one of us walking the other way. 4 years of love from my life will be wasted in a moment like this! Is it possible that all the dreams I built will end and I will get married with a traditional marriage without my heart having any opinionTime passes and I am unable to think. The decisive moment has arrived, the moment of choice after which my life will change forever. At that time, I saw it as a comparison between my happiness with Mahmoud and my misery that I am experiencing with my family now, and they want to separate me from my beloved and give me a traditional passport. My father is stubborn, but forget if I inherited stubbornness. From him, I will choose my happiness. I prepared a bagI wrote a small letter containing my most important need, and I wrote an answer to my mother. Then I got down quietly and left the house. Mahmoud was waiting for me in a place near my house. I ran away with him and ran after the happiness he had brought to me... 

I stayed in an apartment belonging to Mahmoud’s friend who had rented it from him so we could get married, and he kept checking on me without entering. After 3 days, I was surprised by his friend calling me on the new number that Mahmoud had brought me, telling me that they had arrested him on charges of kidnapping me. I went to the station and the first time my father saw me instead. He takes me in his arms. I was struck by pain so severe that I fell to the ground, shiningThe stubbornness in my eyes became more and I confessed that I was the one who ran away with him of my own free will. After the investigations were over, my brother feared for me because of my father’s anger. He put me in his car and we sat in a café. He convinced me that I had made a wrong choice and that if this person had truly loved me, he would never have encouraged me to make the mistake. He asked me to go back. He has the house at least for now, and when we got there, he kicked me out and said I was..I no longer have a place in this house and I am no longer disowned. I walked away not knowing what I felt. There was an emptiness inside me, as if something was missing or I felt as if I was naked!

I found Mahmoud talking to me and I cried. He asked me where I was and I waited for him. He came and took me to the apartment where I was sitting. In my opinion, he was a very brave and gentleman man. Even though my father used his influence and got him expelled from the company and the rest of the companies refused to accept him, he did not abandon me for a moment and preferred to hold on to me. He found an opportunity. A job in Saudi Arabia, but it requires a lot of money and expensesWe can get married and travel with him. I sold all the gold I ran away with, and he sold a land he inherited from his father. We finished the travel procedures. We got married thanks to my brother who found me adhering to my decision. He married me to him and said goodbye to me. When I said goodbye to my mother and the rest of my sisters, I was prevented from entering the house and my father and I sent a message to my brother. I forget. I have a family with a small sentence, but its pain is greatVery hard on the heart, I traveled with my husband and I did not imagine that after achieving my dream, my happiness would remain incomplete in this way!

But after we settled down and Mahmoud took up his job, this feeling began to fade, and he was creative in how to make me happy and compensate me for the absence of my family.. 

I tried a lot to communicate with my mother or my sisters, but they refused to hear me. Even my only brother, who was standing next to me, interrupted me like them. Life was difficult. I thought that I would be able to bear the difference in life. It is true that I was adjusting, but inside I was tired and tried not to show my husband. I missed my family and my life, so I created a Facebook account. I sold a fake book to all my family and relativesTo know their news from far and wide, I knew my father’s news from the media, but despite everything that happened, he felt very sad and I was checking on his health. No one accepted my addition except my cousin. I entered her house and was surprised by pictures of her brother’s happiness. I was happy for him and that he was able to forget me and move on with his life. I saw my mother, father, and sisters in the pictures, and I cried so hardMy time now, I am among them, as usual, every occasion steals the spotlight with my dress and elegance. On every occasion, I was confused about what to wear despite my closet full of dresses, and in the end I went out and bought a new dress. How can I attend two occasions with the same dress!  I only used to wear a set once. Now my only thing is an empty closet, and there are only two sets to change into. It doesn't matter, I don't leave the house. It's true that the situation was and still is very difficult, and I still don't know how to get used to the sudden change in the nature of my life in this way, but I was always patient. I feel like I live with my boyfriend and he does everything he canHe did it to make me happy, and then I endured it for 5 months. Oh, it is certain that, God willing, I will be able to complete it, but the only thing I had to be patient with, unfortunately, has begun to disappear. Mahmoud has become very nervous and always accuses me of being extravagant, and I do not feel for him or support him, even though I gave up my most basic rights and needs because of him being patient and tolerant. He can't stand to say a word anymoreHe respects my opinion on anything related to our lives, even the caliphate. After we had agreed to postpone it, he retracted his words about it after a call from his mother. I tried to explain to him that our situation still needed a little stability, but he did not listen to me, and in fact I became pregnant, and even though I carried out his decision while I was upset, his joy in my pregnancy changed my mind. However, his treatment changed and became good again. I discovered that he..I give his mother a report every day about our life and that he is going through life with her advice only. The topic may have been very annoying to me, but oh, his mother in the end wants our best interests, so I was silent in order to protect my home, until we learned that what is in my womb is a girl and the treatment has become worse than it was before my pregnancy, on the day We got into a fight. This time, he didn't hold back and extended his hand for the first timeAlia, I stood in shock and I was not ashamed, I could not speak or move. I entered my room and was holding my clothes until I remembered that I had no one and I did not even have money to return to Egypt. I sat on the ground crying and for the first time facing myself with the truth from which I was fleeing, a father who had a right... 

I don't remember his mother falling asleep on the ground, but I found him getting up and taking me in his arms. He apologized to me and promised me that he would not do it again, and of course I had to believe him because there was nothing else in front of me, but unfortunately this time was repeated twice and three times until this beating remained normal. I could have been beaten in front of people and in the street as normal. Very much, one time I met him telling me that he would let me live with himHis mother is in Egypt and he keeps taking vacations because he is no longer able to support me. There is also a girl who is still coming and this will increase the burden. I kept tricking him and crying so that he would not go to Egypt. I am afraid of his mother when I am in another country. How will I be able to live with her in one house! 

I promised him that I would not spend anything else of my own nor would I ask him for anything. It got to the point that at times I would sleep hungry in order to save a meal for tomorrow, and this caused me to go to the hospital and the doctors said that I should take care of eating more because of the fetus. The only thing that made it easy for me was that I was in my daughter. I prefer to talk to her and prefer her, I am very excitedBecause of her birth and her embrace, I have nothing else left for me. I don’t have internet to know my family’s news, nor even a phone to call them. He sold it like the rest of my needs. He even had a problem at work because he was nervous and they fired him. He looked for another job and couldn’t find it, so we had to go back to Egypt. Oh, we’re being humiliated in our country. It’s better than being humiliated. While abroad, we were sitting with his mother in Alexandria. I don’t know whyShe hated me even though I had never hurt her or bothered her. Every day she made me sleep with Maita, but all my pain would disappear and my tears would turn into laughter with every knock from my daughter on my stomach. I feel her knocking, this is a sweetness that tells me I am here, feeling you and your side. She was my only hope in life and there is still salvation. Less than 3 months and she will remain in my arms until the day his mother provoked meI was overwhelmed and I responded to her, and the result was a merciless beating while she was standing there watching and encouraging him, until I felt severe pain. I fell to the ground and started bleeding. I did not feel the pain of the beating, but I was afraid of one thing: that my only hope in life would disappear. I put my hands on my stomach and whispered to her.” Please don’t leave me too and leave me alone, I’m your prey,” she said after thatI didn't feel anything else. I weakly opened my eyes. I didn't know where I was, but I heard the voices of two people talking. I understood from their words that they were nurses, so I was definitely in the hospital. I heard them talking:  

_ May God save her from death. If they had been more than a minute late, they would have issued a burial permit 

- Oh, my love, she looks like she was beaten up from the way she looked. She is very difficult for me. May God be kind to her when she wakes up and realizes the disaster. 

When I first heard the last sentence, I pressed weakly on my stomach as usual so that it would respond to me with a bang, but this time there was no banging. This time, I did not feel its presence!!!! 


When I first heard the last sentence, I pressed weakly on my stomach as usual so that it would respond to me with a bang, but this time there was no banging. This time, I did not feel its presence!!!!

I tried to speak and felt like my tongue was stuck. I kept trying until a scream came out of me. The nurses ran to me and I kept screaming, “Where is my daughter?” I took the solution from my hand and when I tried to stand up, I fell to the ground. I ran and the nurse supported me, so I shouted in her face, “Get away from me, my daughter was my only hope. May God take revenge on them, my daughter.” All I had to do was hear her say, “You will be fine, God willing, my love.” What did she mean? My daughter is alive??

They told me that I was born, but the girl was dying in the nursery, and the disaster that the nurse meant was that my husband left me in the hospital and ran away so that they wouldn’t investigate him because of the condition I was in. The nurse advised me, if I knew someone, to lend me money and move the girl to a private hospital or a place that has care, because the hospital here inside is alive. He comes out of it in the graveI asked to see my daughter, she supported me to her side. The first time I saw her, I broke down. I wanted to take her in my arms because I was the one who needed to hold her, not her. I had been enduring months and was impatiently waiting for her embrace. Her size was very small and her body was dyed yellow and blue. The nurses were saying that she would not live. But I can't stand watching her dieI didn't have any clothes to do except the prayer bag they brought me with, drowning in my blood. The nurse gave me clothes and money that I promised I would return when I returned from my family. Yes, I decided to go to my family. I arrived at a company branch in Alexandria. My older brother was holding him. I prayed to find him there. Security refused. Come on, don't believe me when I say that I am Camellia Bint SahibThe company. I saw my cousin coming out of the door and I surprised him. He did not recognize me, and when I approached him before I could speak, he said in shock, “It is not possible, Camellia!!!!” 

I told him about my daughter's situation and how good it was. He did not ask about my husband or any other details. He came with me to the hospital and completed all the procedures for transferring the girl to the largest private hospital in Alexandria. He paid the bill and came every day to check on us without us talking for a long time until one day he sat down and asked me. :

_ Where is your husband, Camelia?

I didn't want to, and he said:

- You've been here for a week and you haven't seen him or even seen any of his family. I was hesitant to ask, but your condition and appearance make me sleepless, and the bruises that are about to hurt my heart. Is he laying his hands on you?

_ No, no, at all. He was already traveling, and I fell down the stairs because of that. I mean, I was born prematurely, and I didn’t know what to do. I went to meet any of my sisters, but they wouldn’t let me in. I met you, so I came to you, and as usual, you were chivalrous and brave, and you didn’t want me to come in.

_ How can I reply to you!! Have you forgotten what you are to me? It is true now, thank God, God has blessed me with a wife whom I love and respect very much, but you will still have a place in my heart, if not because of what I felt in the past about you, then because you are my cousin, my flesh and my blood.

This was our last day in the hospital. God saved my daughter from death and wanted my hope in life to never go away, so I named her.

“Amal,” my cousin, gave me a piece of paper with his number and money and said, “If I need anything, I should call him.I walked away with the intention that I would not spend another minute with Mahmoud, nor would I even want to see him. I was going to rent a room in a hotel so I could manage my affairs, but I was afraid the money would run out and I could not spend it on my daughter. I remembered the nurse from whom I had borrowed money at the hospital, and I went to see her and thank her, and she might find me a place until the morning, but then after that. I will go to Cairo and return to my family to workIt was impossible for them to accept me again. I arrived at the hospital and met the nurse. I returned her money, and when I asked her to give me a place for the night, she spoke to her friends in the residence and they agreed to receive me. She told me to wait for her outside until she went and changed her clothes. I waited for her in a chair at the reception, holding Amali, and I did not believe that she was living well and normally. I preferred Thank God for meHe saved her until I felt my blood boiling with anger when I saw him in front of me. I will not deny that I felt afraid of him and I hugged my daughter tight. He came close to me and knelt next to my feet. I tried to get up to stop me. I told him everything I had inside me, and I described him as much as I still hated him and that I regretted him for selling my family. Because of a cheap person like him. What's strange is that he didn't hit me despite all the things I saidHe was crying, kissing Edya, and playing tricks on me so that he wouldn't insult me. I told him that it was over. I couldn't stand to see his face or even hear his voice, and I wasn't ready to live with his mother again. I asked for a divorce, and he cried even more and told me that he had realized his mistake, and that's why we would live together in Cairo and raise our daughter, far away from his mother. About any problems that might disturb our lives again, he askedHe gave me another chance, and he promised me that after this chance, I would see another person. He took the girl away and kept her babysitter, crying. I looked at my daughter in his arms and decided to give him this opportunity so that he could actually improve his situation and the girl could be raised in a stable family. I didn’t know if I should stick to my opinion and divorce her one day because of her... 

We went to Cairo, rented an apartment with a living room, and Mahmoud tried to prove to me that he had really changed. Our life was stable for two months, during which Mahmoud found a job, but of course the salary was very low. I suggested that I work to help him. At first he refused, then when the expenses increased for us, he agreed. I worked in a nursery close to Home and I was taking Amal with me, as if God had sent meI hope to make the difficult days that I have lived and will continue to experience easier for me. Life between me and Mahmoud has become dry. All day long at the company I work in, he comes to lunch and goes to the next job, and I come back from work. Amal and I are better alone all day long. He comes back at night and we are asleep. Anyone will find it a boring life? How can a couple tolerate this, but for meThis is the best life, at least I don't see it. I only live the details of my day with my daughter and I. What more do I want!I was about to divorce, but I was waiting for the right time. I was waiting to be able to stand on my feet and spend on my daughter. So I was carrying the money that my cousin gave me and I was looking for it from my salary and hiding it. Until Mahmoud got promoted in his job and we moved to a larger apartment close to his work, and I stayed at home and devoted myself to raising myself. Amal, he is back at home more than everFirst, fights returned over the most trivial reasons. There is still a day a week when there is a big fight in which I get beaten up, or I get locked in my room without food, drink, or hope!

I was bearing it for her and was patient with myself that I had collected a good amount of money and executing the divorce decree was a matter of time, but one day he found the money he had hidden, he took it all and locked me up, as if I was living in a nightmare that I didn’t know if he would save his nation and I didn’t even know how to go back to the house because he prevented me from leaving the house with the money in my hands. It is enough for him, even though his salary has increased, to the middleAll this trouble, his mother started committing adultery with his wife again so that the boy could come, and when she refused, she started fighting with me, so one day while he was at work, I had to go out and buy birth control pills from the pharmacy under the house. I used to take them from behind him. Days passed and I was pregnant, the only sweet thing in all of this. It is hope. I want to do anything to escape from this swamp, myselfShe is raised in a normal and normal atmosphere, away from shouting, fights and beatings. I wish she would be raised as strong as her mother was in the past... 

As usual, his nervousness ruined everything. He was fired from the company and went back to looking for a job. Amal was tired and we did not have money for the examination. We took her to a government hospital, but the girl was still tired, and the medicine did not bring any results. I remembered the paper on which my cousin’s number was recorded. I sent him a message to borrow money from him, at least. To check up on my daughter or to tell my family about my conditionThey were compassionate and pleased with me. I sold the letter, took my daughter in my arms, slept, and woke up on the slap after he received the pills and saw the letter, and I was sitting in the street, not knowing where to go, not knowing how to act, and not knowing how to check on my daughter. I remembered my life when she used to work like this, and I said, “I wish my father had hit me a thousand that day.” Pain locked me in my room. I wish I had not run awayI had delusions and let myself down, but I deserved it. It was normal after what I did. All this happened to me. I just don't want anything other than my daughter and my son. It is impossible for me to live with him again. I tried to calm down so I could think until I found the solution with which I would return my daughter and get rid of his captivity forever. ......


I had no choice but this solution. I went back to my neighbor and borrowed money from her. I called a taxi and gave him the address. The first person I thought could help me was my cousin, but I don’t remember his number or know the address of his house. I don’t even know if he is here or in Alexandria!

I am taking a risk because of my daughter. I am taking a risk because I have no choice but to commit suicide, which I was going to do a while ago. I arrived at the house and stood looking at it from the outside. I stood looking at the paradise in which I was living. I saw the place where Mahmoud was waiting the night I ran away with him and I wished I could go back in time. For this moment, I erase it because it was the beginning of the curse, I was close toThe gate is with one man's foot and the other's. When I first arrived, I found one of the security personnel coming to me. The first time I saw him, they often appointed new people. He was holding Roy in his hands. The first time he saw me, he let go of his hands and ran to me. The man was surprised and afraid that the dog would hurt me, not knowing that he was running to hug me. I am in dire need of any hug nowShe will hurt me because dogs are merciful and loyal, unlike humans who have no mercy in their hearts. I hugged Roy and cried. The voice came out, Uncle Muhammad Al-Aman, who has not changed since the day I was born. He did not know me from afar, but as soon as he approached us, he was surprised and said with joy, “This whole world has been enlightened, Mrs. Camelia.” I stood up and Roy was still hugging my leg. I greeted him and asked:

_ How are you, uncle?

_ Now, I see you are fine, my lady

Oh, six girls?! What a terrible word!  She smiled and asked:

_Is Moataz here?

_ Now there is no one at home

She was surprised and asked:

_ Why is there anything wrong?!

_ No, it's okay. The Pasha has a job outside Egypt and took with him the woman Hanim and Amjad Bey. I don't know whether she knows or not, but he moved his whole life to Alexandria, and Ahmed Bey and Moataz Bey still haven't returned home.

_ Ok, can you talk to Moataz and tell him that he must come home without saying that I am the one waiting for him?

_ Right now, Miss Camelia, but come in and wait inside 

_ No, I will wait better here 

_ And you want to come back! By God, this will never happen. Come in, ladies

I felt that he wanted to say something while he was praying, that he wanted to ask about the appearance of my face, which was disfigured from the beating, but it was bruised and hesitant. I smiled at him and said:

_ Don't worry, I'm fine

_ May God always make you well and well. Come in and I will call Moataz Bey immediately

As soon as my feet entered the garden, I felt a strange warmth. I could see my ghost running and playing everywhere in it, and I could hear the sound of my laughter. I entered the house and the feeling of warmth increased to the point that it made me cry. I now knew the value of Baba’s determination that we all have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. I knew the value of the gathering that was in the past. She choked me, I knew the value of every matter he faced and annoyed meI'm inside of him, now I just want to hear his voice again, I'm thrown into his and my mother's arms, my room was lonely, I found myself going out and I was terrified that they would have taken it or thrown away my stuff and forgotten about me. I opened the door and was surprised, everything was as it was, even my clothes that I had changed the day I walked and hung them up. As if I had left the room yesterday, I opened my closet and saw my dressesAnd my sorrows, I cried with sorrow as I blamed myself for what I had done to her. I saw pictures of myself when I was young placed on my desk, and my heart ached for my daughter. I wonder if she is okay now?  I kept praying to God that my heart would be reassured about her and Moataz would not let me go. He is my only hope now for the return of my daughter and my divorce. I heard Ahmed and Moataz’s voice below. I wiped my tears and left the room. I stood at the first staircase and could not get down. My sisters stood silent in shock. I went down quietly and stood with them, not knowing. I speak everything I try to speak, my tongue gets stuck, I pray to themWith my eyes shining, Ahmad prayed angrily and cursed me and walked away. As for Moataz, without speaking, I found him pulling me into his embrace, and I cried bitterly. He tightened his hug on me and asked:

_He was the one who did this about this?

I couldn't help but cry a lot, so he said angrily:

_ By God, I do not regret every moment he thought he laid his hands on you

_ Oh, you are like this, you will regret it for the rest of your life and it will not be enough because since the day I walked away from here I have been humiliated and beaten. I don’t want my right to go away, but I want my daughter and I want to divorce him. I don’t want anything more than that. I know that I made a mistake, by God, by God, that’s it. I’ve learned my lesson, so for my own sake, don’t tell me back. Before I came to you, I was going to commit suicide, but I decided at the last minute because my daughter wouldn'tI will be able to leave her with a cruel father like him, because for my sake, don’t abandon me, Moataz, I need youHe touched my head and hugged me while saying:

_ Don't worry, my love, your daughter will return to your arms, and you will return to enlightening your house again.

_ After meeting Ahmed, I don’t think I will have a place here, especially when my father returns. I won’t tell you that I just want you to bring me my daughter and divorce me. After that, God willing, I will manage everything in my life. Just help me.

_ Yes, write to me all the information about him and his family and their addresses immediately and leave the rest to mI wrote him everything he asked for, and I told him in detail everything I had been through since the day I walked out of our house. He told me to go and rest in my room. I was very tired and wanted to sleep, but my eyes could not close and my daughter was not in my lap. I remained sitting in the room waiting for any news from him until I saw him. I forgot, I woke up when I felt someone entering the room, and when I saw AhmedI thought I was asleep. Bass approached my head and left. I smiled and realized that it was daytime from the light in the window. I sat on the bed and was surprised by a breakfast tray placed in my room. I got up and still smiled at something until I saw it in the mirror and my smile disappeared. Is it me? It's as if I was changed into another person, and every moment I glimpse something I regret about my stupidity that led me to this..

I heard knocking on the door, so I gave permission for the one who was knocking to enter. The worker entered and handed me a mobile phone while informing me that Moataz wanted me. I responded eagerly and he said:

_ Change your clothes and get ready, because I will send you a car to bring you here

_Where do you have it?

_You will know when you come, come on, because Arabic is on the way

I opened my closet and chose a dress and a hijab. It is true that the clothes became very loose on me, but I also looked elegant. The Arabic had arrived. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Camelia’s old features began to appear. She will never fully return to the old days, but at least part of her is still alive. .

Arabic I stood at the station. I was surprised until I found Moataz waiting for me. He put his armour around my shoulder and we entered and I did not understand anything. We went to the second floor and I felt my heart stop with joy. His mother was standing and holding hope. I ran to them and pulled my daughter into my arms. I was kissing every part of her and repeating, “Praise be to God, praise be to God.” I found his mother crying and wanting to kiss his handsAnd she says:_ I kiss your hand and tell him that my son will not get rid of you. Why is your daughter’s father imprisoned or an old woman like your mother deceiving you like this?

I didn't understand anything. I looked at Moataz and he pulled me away from her and said:

_You will never be like her mother. Is it difficult for you, your son, or are you trying to deceive her? What is it, mother, she deceived you, have mercy on her. You were raising your first son so that you would not be put in this situation. Come on, Camelia, come with me.

He knocked on the door of an office and we entered. He greeted the officer who was sitting. For a minute, Mahmoud was standing with a broken heart, and it was clear that he had been beaten due to the bruises on his face. Then the official entered. I looked at Moataz happily, and he smiled and patted his hand, with the same thumb that I used to keep silent about the charter of humiliation and humiliation. And families, silently holding on to salvation and freedom, are finally savedFrom him and my daughter in my arms!We stopped to walk, so I asked Moataz to wait. My daughter called him and I returned to Mahmoud, praying with sympathy, so I raised my hand and slapped him with all my might. I did not know why this slap was because of the humiliation after I sold my family for him, or because of the humiliation, beating, humiliation, and disgust that made me experience it every moment?

It doesn't matter what, the important thing is that she saw my dear, I walked with my head held high next to my brother, and after we left, I asked him to take him out, but because my daughter had his name, so he told me that he would take him out, but he would discipline him a little so that he could be raised with the upbringing that his family did not know how to raise...

I rode with my Arabic brother. We found out hope, and thank God the doctor reassured us. I returned to my family’s house and the joy would not be lost. The first time I entered, I prostrated, thanking God for salvation. Now, my soul has opened to eating and I can sleep comfortably. I am free, and my hope is in my embrace. Ahmed used to come in every day. He kisses my head and walks away, and I still feel asleep, at one pointMy head and Amal's head. He put bags on my desk and left. I opened them and found clothes and toys for Amal. The next day, when he came, he repeated the habit every morning. I opened my eyes. He was confused and was about to leave, so I got up and hugged him. He was fine. I have been a friend of Ahmed. He has never been able to express his feelings all his life, as they have not changed. He was upset. He held out his hands and hesitated, and in the end he resolved his hesitation. He hugged me and said, “You are welcome.In your home, you and Amal.”A week passed and we were at my family’s house. I hope her health improved and I also improved physically and psychologically, as if my spirit was refreshed. One day, Ahmed and Moataz and I were having breakfast. Suddenly I heard his voice. My heart trembled. It was not a tremor of fear, it was a tremor of eagerness. I felt like running into his and Mama’s arms and greeting them with joy. Like every time they came back from traveling, she found me standingI remained standing in my place, looking at their onions, while they stood in shock, like a criminal waiting for the verdict, innocence, or execution. And my father’s looks after the shock were not promising at all!

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