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رواية شبيهتي القوية بقلم نشوه عادل حصريه وجديده وكامله جميع الفصول

 رواية شبيهتي القوية بقلم نشوه عادل حصريه وجديده وكامله جميع الفصول

القراء الاعزاء اضغطوا على التلات نقط إللي باعلي شاشة الموبيل من جهة الشمال واختاروا كلمة ترجمه لقراءه الروايه مع تمنياتي بوقت ممتع وسعيد ❤️🌹🌺❤️

Oh my God, Israa, this is not possible as you and your reflection in the mirror, I swear to God that you are 2

Israa laughed: What, my king, are you out of your mind or what? We are not in front of you. Is it my daughter, with our fat and flesh, our clothes are different, and her horn does not move with me? I want another piece of evidence. How did it happen?

Malak: My daughter, I know that he creates forty similarities and everything, but it is identical in everything, without there being anything that separates you. It is very difficult for someone to reveal that she is not your mother herself, and she will never reveal it.

Israa: This is what I am truly reassured that it will not be revealed 

King: What is your name, Jamil?!

......: My name is Reham 

Malak: Ok, Reham, it is your family, so they will agree to you being in a stranger’s house?!

Reham: My mother knows and trusts me, and then I do this in exchange for something not for God, but for God, I mean. 

Malak: I understand, but your mother knows, so your father makes your male sisters cry.

Reham: My father doesn’t know anything about us since the day he and my mother divorced when I was 5 years old and I have no boy sisters, and you can say that I was cut off from a tree and I have no one but my mother only. 

Malak: May God prolong her life and keep her for you, Lord 

Reham: Thank you 

Israa: As I promised you, I will take care of your mother and leave her with my eyes as well. 

Reham with a smile: I trust you. The important thing is that you told me that you will understand everything for me when we are with Malak. Adina is together. I want to understand why you want me to take your place in the house?!

Israa sadly: Look, maybe what I'm about to say doesn't make sense to you, but the truth is that I don't have a personality among my cousins. 

Reham: Do you live in one house?

Israa: Yes, since one day my mother married my uncle after my father died, may God have mercy on him. He and his children lived with us, but that is not the only reason that made me ask for you to be in my place.

Reham: Omal?!

Israa: There are two reasons as well. The first is Youssef, my cousin. I love him very much, and many times I feel that he loves me, but his behavior is completely the opposite, and I no longer understand whether I am right or deluded myself. 

Reham: Well, and the second reason?!

Israa: Very strange things happen to me. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of terrifying things, and I feel like my mind has wandered from me.

Reham: How are these strange things?!

Israa: My imagination is coming to the door of my room, and sometimes I hear the voices of someone calling me in a scary voice, and I see something like ghosts. 

Reham: Hmmmm, it is not possible that one of your cousins ​​wants to make fun of you and do that!

Israa: I really suspected that, but none of them are in the villa 

Reham: Where are they?!

Israa: They all summer on the coast

Malak: Well, they can't go away and laugh at you 

Israa: I am not sure they are there because our worker, Safaa, is with them and she opens a video call for me every day from the chalet. 

Reham: Who is with you at the villa right now?!

Israa: There is only my mother, uncle, and servants 

Reham: Ok, look, the first reason for Youssef is that I don’t want to date you because if what you are planning is to make him fall in love with me like that, then he will love me, not you, and you certainly understand what I mean. As for me, keeping your personality strong among your cousins ​​is very easy and don’t worry for less than the amount of time you said. I will be in control, but the third reason is mysterious, and God willing, I will know everythingNeed soonIsraa: I am very grateful, Reham, and your kindness will never be forgotten

Reham: There is nothing beautiful or anything like that. I am entitled to money, and I will also take care of my mother. So, none of us are more beautiful than the other. 

Israa: Okay, let's change clothes 

Reham: Wait, will I wear your clothes?!

Israa: Oh, his money 

Reham: What does this have to do with what is most covered? Yes, I am not veiled and observant, but I don’t know how to wear something like that. 

Israa: Okay, I'm sorry, for my sake, I just wear that, and when you go, you will find good, locked clothes. 

Reham: For God’s sake, the matter took place during the rehearsal 

Malak: Wait, there is something they can use to expose Reham

Israa: What?!

Malak: The voice, your voice is not the same 

Reham: Don’t worry about this aspect 

King: How did he stay?!

Reham imitated Israa's voice exactly, with the same pitch and tone... Malak was shocked: He's ruining you, you're a monkey. 

Reham: You are ruined. You have a good tongue 

King: Oh, I'm sorry 

After Israa and Reham changed their clothes, Israa went to Reham’s house, but Malak and Reham arrived at the villa. 

Malak: Israa’s mother’s name is Rajaa, her uncle’s name is Maher, her cousin’s children are twin sons, Youssef and Saif, and two daughters, Salma, Israa and Celia, in high school. 

Reham: Okay, and the servants?!

Malak: The two guards at the gate, Muhammad and Amin, and Al-Janaini Saleh, and two servants, Safaa and Rehab 

Reham: Okay, let me stay while we go in. Introduce me to the servants and show me pictures of her cousins. 

King: Ishta 

After they arrived and a king began, each one spoke in his name, and of course Reham was suddenly focused by a voice from their liking: Al -Hanim was where the text of the night was and wowo ...

Where was the sleep until midnight? I think I was alerted whether the latest deadline for delaying 10 had happened or not. 

Reham and Malak turned to the source of the sound. It was Israa’s uncle Maher, whose features were rigid.... Malak: Sorry, Uncle, I am the reason. Today was my sister’s Maram’s birthday, and I forced Israa to continue the party with us until the end.

Maher Haddah: By the way, I didn't direct the words to you. I'm talking to the fool who breaks my words 

Reham: Sure, Uncle, you have the right to be upset that I come back at a time like this, but I wonder if this ruling applies to your daughters or just me!

At that time, Maher was shocked by Israa’s response, because she had never had a voice other than sorry, present, and yes, but he said nervously: You will also answer me. 

Reham confidently: Never, Uncle. I'm just asking you, what is the certainty of your fear? It won't be for me. I'm just praying. I'm not dearer than your daughters or anything.

At this moment, I said, “Bonsoir” (Good evening). Good, guys, why is your voice so loud?

Maher in acting: I like your daughter, please come back late and she also raises her voice at me because I am afraid for her. 

Raja: What are they saying? Did this happen, Israa?

Reham (Israa): It didn't happen. I didn't have my vote. I just asked Uncle a question and he didn't answer it 

Please: What question?!

Reham looked at Maher with a challenging look: Uncle, would you like me to ask the question Adam Mami or .........

Maher quickly: Okay, please, my love, don’t be arrogant about the matter. And you, Esso, go to your room. You are definitely coming back tired. 

Indeed, Reham entered the villa with Malak and was amazed by its elegance and luxury. She whistled in admiration and said: What is all this glory? I only saw these things in movies. 

Malak: My daughter, say, God willing 

Reham: Only its owners envy money, my sister, shut up 

King: Ok, let me show you Israa’s room 

Indeed, Malak entered the room and then she burst out laughing.... Reham was surprised: Are you drinking something or what are you laughing about?!

Malak: Because of what happened a while ago, I still don’t know how I caught myself in all this. I can’t get past Uncle Maher’s reaction. 

Reham: Take a lot of this, and the next one will impress you even more 

Malak: I will go, and I will reassure you. The most important thing is to treat yourself as Israa and do not forget anything of what I taught you, okay. 

Reham: We're done, let's talk

Malak: Tell me, may God protect you, and don’t expose yourself to any environment

She said what she had to say and ran... Reham: Where will you go from me, kitty? 

In another place in Reham’s apartment, it was a simple apartment in an ordinary, not popular place. I entered Reham’s mother, and her name is Majida.

Israa: Sorry, aunt, you have the right to say that I am late 

Majeed with a sad smile: Don't care, my daughter, is Reham good?

Israa: Oh, it's good and it's good, don't worry. The important thing is whether you had dinner and took your treatment or not yet?

Majeeda: Oh, thank God, but I want to talk to Reham to check on her 

Israa: My eyes are present 

I picked up the phone and called Reham, spoke to her mother, checked on her, and then hung up 

Israa: Are you all reassured, lady?

Majeeda: A little bit 

Israa: You are worried about her, but why is this your daughter afraid of her, by the way?

Majeed laughed angrily and said: You are right, she can protect herself well, but this is the first time since the day she was born that she has been absent from me. 

Israa: Hope when you get married then 

Majeeda: Oh, may God hear from you, this is the day I wish for, but she is stubborn and is not willing to agree to any groom, and she knows that he rejected her because of me, so that she does not curse me. 

Israa: God willing, God will send her a halal son who will satisfy her. Let’s go to sleep. It’s getting late and we have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor. 

Israa entered Reham’s room. It was a very simple but delicate room. She approached the certificate hanging on the wall, and I was shocked when I learned that she was a graduate of politics and economics with distinction. 

In Reham's villa, she took a shower and went out to sit in the room. I heard the door banging 

Reham: Come in 

Rehab the maid: Come in for dinner, my love 

Reham: Mercy, I was very hungry 

Rehab: Okay, let’s have dinner so you can take your medication before you sleep. 

Reham: A cure! What treatment?!

Rehab: The rivet that the doctor wrote for you to walk on 

Reham: Where is this treatment?!

Rehab: in the nightstand

Reham: Okay, my soul, you and I, when I faint, I will take it 

Rehab: It's not possible. I'm just waiting until you take it from me and I'm sure you won't miss it.

Reham: Mmmm okaShe started eating until she was full, and then I asked her to bring her some juice. Rehab went down and opened the nightstand. Reham opened the nightstand and was surprised that the rivet inside the box did not match the name on the box. She quickly took out a soothing rivet from her bag and put it in its place before Rehab could get out. 

Rehab: Come, my lady, the best cup of juice in the world 

Reham: Thank you. Who will get me this treatment?

Rehab: I am the one who brings him everything he finishes 

Reham: Who else asked you to make sure that I take it regularly? 

Rehab: Your mother 

Reham: Okay 

I drank the juice and took the pill, and when I went to Rehab, I searched on Google and was surprised that this medicine causes depression and causes auditory and visual hallucinations. 

Reham thought what would be in Rehab’s interest if she did something like this unless someone asked her to do that...Except today and the next morning, Reham called Israa.

Reham: What is my mother doing?

Israa: Thank God, we are still back from the hospital and we have made an appointment for the operation 

Reham: Well, thank God, what are you saying? Why didn’t you tell me that you were taking treatment?!

Israa: Oops, I forgot 

Reham: What exactly is this treatment for?!

Israa: These are vitamins and also a memory enhancer 

Reham: Who is the doctor who wrote it for you?

Israa: Dr. Essam is the family doctor and his uncle Maher’s friend 

Reham: Uncle Maher Qoltilly’s friend 

Israa: Why is he in what?!

Reham: It means that the rivet you are using is the reason for the appearances that you used to see at night....

-The rivet you are using is the reason for the nightmares you used to see at night, and this means that there is someone here who wants to drive you crazy. 

Israa in tears: What are you saying, Reham, and how did you know?!

Reham: The box, unlike the tape inside, is a camouflage because you don’t know the truth and because they know that you are stupid.

Israa Bouja: You are right, I am truly the biggest fool

Reham: I'm sorry, don't be upset with me, I swear I don't mean it. I just want you to excel because not everyone deserves this extra kindness. Don't worry, I will find out who is behind the matter and what its purpose is.

Israa: I am very grateful to you, Reham, and I am truly thankful for the coincidence that introduced me to you 

Reham with a smile: Never mind, Moon, take care of my mother and say hello to her

Reham closed her eyes and said in a loud voice: “There are a lot of conversations behind you, Israa, but I will know how to get your rights, with God’s help.” 

She picked up her phone and rang Malak, who was still asleep....Malak: I once whispered to you, understand that I do not want to talk to you and I want to sleep, Rakhma.

Reham: It's not time for you to wait on me like this, because we have a way to go 

Malak while she was adjusting: What is the future, God willing?!

Reham: We will go to Dr. Essam’s clinic 

King with astonishment: Did you hear us?!

Reham: We won’t sit around chatting on the phone a lot. Let us meet and I will understand you on the way

King: Ok, the distance of the railway 

Indeed, Malak got dressed and went to Reham, who as soon as she saw her pinched her... Malak: Oh, you are an animal, what have you done?!

Reham: Because you keep telling me about another environment, this sign will make you not forget that I am Reham, not Israa. 

King: I seek refuge in God. Come on, tell me 

Reham started telling everything to Malak, who was shocked and in disbelief...Malak: Well, who has an interest in doing this, and why are you going to Dr. Essam?

Reham: You will understand when we arrive 

As soon as they arrived at the clinic, Essam revealed to Reham that she was Israa.... Essam: Your health is very good, so stop the treatment. 

Reham: What treatment?!

Issam: All the medicines I wrote for you 

Reham took the box out of her bag and said: You mean this rivet?

Issam: Yes 

Then she took out a tape and said to Essam: Okay, this?!

Issam was shocked: What is this? Who wrote this rivet for you?!

Reham was watching his reactions and words: Wasn’t it you who wrote this treatment for me?

Issam: No, of course, it is impossible to prescribe any patient a medicine like this, my daughter. An excessive dose of it could make a person addicted to it and be a cause of his insanity and suicide. 

Malak in shock: What a blue day, this has really turned out 

Issam: Who made you take this medicine, my daughter?

Reham quickly: No, I am not the one who took this....This is one of our friends and I wanted to check with you whether this treatment is good or not 

Issam: Ask her to stop it and also see a doctor to find out the extent of its effect on her 

Reham: Okay, thank you, Doctor, but can I ask you something?

Issam: Of course, my daughter. Please do so

Reham: I don’t want anyone to know that I came to reveal today from home, is it possible!

Issam was surprised: Why are you so good?

Reham: I want to pamper them a little and find out what I love about them 

Issam laughed: Okay, my city is here 

After they left and went down... Malak: Come here, understand me, why did you come here?!

Reham: I wanted to make sure whether this doctor agreed with them or not, and it is clear that he does not know anything, you understand?

Malak: Hello, my sister, and even if it were him, what would you have done?!

Reham laughed: Sorry, I won't blame you for your origin. You still don't know me. Come on, come on, let me go.

Malak: Why, won’t you meet Israa and visit your mother? 

Reham: Today I don’t want to go and sit there early and talk to them 

King laughed: May God protect them 

When Israa was coming down from Reham’s house after asking permission from her mother because she was suffocating, especially after what she had learned from Reham, she found a young man calling out to her, but she did not hear him, so he held her hand: Reham, please listen to me. 

Israa taking his hand away: Keep your hand away from me, man, then I am not Reham. 

The young man was surprised: Not Reham, what does that mean?!

Israa quickly realized that: Who are you and what do you want from me?!

The young man was more surprised: Who am I?! You forgot your lover, that's it, Reham. I know that I have been away from you for a year and you forget me so quickly. 

Israa with understanding: No, I don’t mean that. I mean, what do you want from me now?!

Young man: I want to explain to you why I disappeared and why I came back. Can we just sit somewhere and talk? 

Israa resignedly: I would like toThey went to the nearest cafe and he said to her: After you learned that I was an addict, I decided to treat myself and went to a psychiatric hospital. Thank God, in three months I completely recovered and began to pray and become closer to God, and God honored me. I traveled to the Emirates and worked there in a company and also completed my master’s degree, as you had hoped. I decided to really move away because When I come back, I will make you the same as you wereYou want me?Israa: Well, thank God you changed for yourself before anything else, but I don’t understand what you want from me now, oh........

The young man: Ahmed, Reham, and of course I want you to forgive me and give me a chance 

Israa: Yes, but I am not Reham....

-Yes, but I am not Reham and I cannot answer you about something like this. Wait, ask her first and I will answer you. 

Ahmed with astonishment: Not Reham. What does it mean? What does it mean? You ask her and she responds to me. This is Reham. You don’t want to forgive me to this extent?!

Israa with understanding: Oh, no, I don’t mean that. Look, give me a chance to think and get back to you. Ok 

Ahmed: Okay, and I myself am not despairing, and I will wait for your response, even if I have to wait for you for the rest of my life. 

Israa’s eyes filled with tears at Ahmed’s words and she asked him: Do you love her so much... I mean, do you love me?!

Ahmed: Much more than a sea of ​​words of love and love 

Israa felt a pang in her heart when she thought of Youssef and his harsh and harsh treatment of her. She wished she could hear words like that from him and that he loved her in this way. She answered the sound of her phone and was like, “Aiso, where are you?”

Israa: I am at the cafe, where are you?!

Malak: I will bring Reham to the villa and come to you immediately 

Israa: Okay, my heart, I will wait for you in our place bye 

Israa closed and stood up: With your permission, Mr. Ahmed, I have to go now.

Ahmed: Professor! Okay, I can reach you if you want 

Israa: No, thank you. I would like to walk alone 

Ahmed: Medicine... Medicine, I mean..I mean, when will I know your decision?!

Israa with a smile: You haven't said yet that you will wait for me for the rest of your life. Why are you getting bored?

Ahmed: No, by God, not at all. I’m just afraid of losing you 

Israa: Leave it to God, and what is good in it, our Lord will provide it, with your permission, bye

Israa left the café and decided to walk to the place where she and Malak used to sit because she was very suffocated. 

When Reham arrived at the villa, the first time they entered the garden, her cousins ​​had returned from traveling and were sitting laughing. The first time Celia saw Reham, she ran to her as Israa and hugged her: I missed you so much, Esso. I am sad that you were not with us. 

Reham hugged her back and said: It's okay, Biscotta can make up for it 

Celia laughing: Biscuit...This is the first time you tell me that 

Reham: No, my lady, get used to it because you will hear a lot of this from me 

Saif approached them and said: How are you, my king? 

King coldly: Hello 

Saif: Oh, Mrs. Israa, you entered like this, meaning there was no greeting or talking 

Reham: It's okay... Then she directed her words to Malak: What are you saying, Luca? I'm going to take a shower because the weather is hot. 

Salma, who approached, holding a cup of water in her hand: Yes, it is really hot. You should take a shower very quickly. 

In a second, she was throwing water at Reham and preferred Salma and Saif to laugh at her. Malak was about to speak, but Reham interrupted her and said: “Mercy is on this light shower, and you also need a shower as well.” 

With a very quick movement, she grabbed Salma’s hand and threw her into the pool and said: The water will clean you from the outside, but I keep seeing something that will clean you from the inside. 

Malak smiled happily, while Saif and Celia were standing in shock. Is it possible that Israa was in a situation like this? She would have taken some of them and started crying as usual. What kind of tyranny had suddenly descended upon her? Malak walked without speaking, and a sword ran after her 

Saif: My king, my king 

King coldly: Is there any good regret?!

Saif: Malak, you know very well that I like you very much. I don’t know why you rejected me?!

Malak: Seriously, I don’t know. Ok, I know you.I am not prepared to be associated with someone who is not doing well with his family. What is Israa, your cousin? She is of your blood and flesh, and there is no one other than you after God, so what will you do to me?! In general, there is no need for me to say this, because you are the one who should have excelled and feared God in her, and the same way you treat your sisters, girls, you treat her, and if you don’t like them, don’t like her. I understand why it is impossible for me to love you! 

Saif felt as if someone had dropped a bucket of water falling on him. Every word spoken by a king had a right to it. She walked away as a king without Saif noticing her disappearance. Because he was so affected and thinking about her words, some of it took some of it and returned to its place. 

Salma: What happened, Saif? Are you going to let someone’s words like this affect you or what?

Saif: Respect yourself and do not say anything else about her, then she is right in every word she said.

Celia happily said: That is true, Saif, and these are the words that I am spoiled with as much as I say.

Salma angrily: Shut up, why are you even interfering in the words of adults?!

Celia sarcastically: Adults! The old man is old in his mind and maturity, not a year old, Mrs. Salma, with your permission 

Celia walked away... Saif: Even the little teenage girl started to understand us 

Saif left Salma alone, and anger burned within her at Israa throughout her life by changing her superiority and people’s love for her.

Up at Reham's place after she took a shower and went out. She saw someone opening the drawer for her 

Reham: Ahem, Ahem 

The young man turned his face to his face and said: What is this? You entered me, asshole. Don’t fumble before you enter.

Reham coldly: I swear, I really struggle before I enter my room. No, this is nice. I should be the one who knows what you are doing here, Youssef?!

Youssef: There is supposed to be a rivet here. How can I take one of it when I am tired and feel bad about it? I want one. 

Reham was surprised: What rivet?!

Youssef took out the box and said: Who is this, but this does not look like a bean bag!

Reham: No, they changed it, I mean, as a form

Youssef: I mean, change the shape of the tape, the cover, and the box as they are, Glory be to God 

Reham: What are you telling me to take?!

Youssef: You don't mind, are you going to be friends with me or what?

Reham: I am not honored at all

Youssef angrily: Hold on instead of knowing what I can do!

Reham: No, that was a long time ago, and don’t cross your limits, you understand

Youssef raised his hand to hit her as usual, but he was surprised that she held his hand firmly and confidently and spoke sharply: If you raise your hand against me again, believe me, there is no one but you who will be upset. Go outside my room and feel your eyes blaming her without asking. 

Youssef went out while he was extremely angry and shocked at the same time. How did she have the audacity to do this? When he was leaving, he saw a shadow running from his face....

While Youssef was leaving Israa’s room, he saw an imagination running through him. He closed his eyes and opened them. He found the imagination running in the opposite direction. Youssef ran towards him and said: Wait, I will stand with you, you coward.

Everyone was shocked by Youssef's loud voice, but their shock was great when they found him talking to someone who was not there and fighting with him...Youssef: If you were a man, you would confront me, why wouldn't you act like a thief?

Maher is surprised: Who are you talking to, my son?!

Youssef: What do I mean by talking to this animal, Dad?

Maher: Youssef, there is no one but us 

Youssef Basrikh: What do you mean, there is no money that I am holding? Who do you want to make me crazy? 

Please sadly: Calm down, my love. It's okay. We're afraid for you, but leave him alone and we'll understand. 

Maher Bouchoucha: Who else are you? Is it me who went blind or what?!

Raja: Please, Maher, calm him down and keep him in his right mind until we call Dr. Essam to examine him. 

Maher: That's it, Youssef, leave him and the guards will teach him manners, Saif. Take your brother to his room so he can rest. 

Indeed, Saif took him to his room, and as soon as he entered, he slept peacefully, and after a short while, Dr. Essam arrived, examined Youssef, and went out to them. 

Please: Is it okay, doctor?!

Issam: It is necessary for Youssef to undergo an analysis, and I will see these tests tomorrow 

Here, an idea came to Reham’s mind and she said in a loud voice: Dr. Issam Youssef, he is taking the treatment that you wrote for me. 

Issam: You mean the rivet I warned you about?!

Reham: Yes, and from the first day too 

Issam: This is a disaster. This means that Youssef is addicted, and therefore he must be transferred to a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible so that we can catch him. 

Reham started watching the interactions of everyone present, and she was intent on Maher, Salma, and Saif in particular. She noticed Salma’s tension and that she was wringing her hands, and she saw her running away and entering her room. 

At Malak and Israa's...Malak told what happened to Israa, to whom she was listening with pleasure: I swear it's amazing, I wish I could have been there to heal my loved one. 

Malak: The important thing is that you must do tests now so that we can treat you for this asphalt as soon as possible. 

Israa: God willing, I will start tomorrow. Is it true, why is Reham not with you?

Malak: She said that she wanted to leave the villa early to come to them 

Israa: Okay, call her like this. I want to talk to her. It is necessary 

Indeed, Malak rang to Reham, who entered her room and answered...Israa: Hello Reham, I wanted to tell you something... and Israa started saying it about what happened between her and Ahmed. 

Reham is happy: Seriously, is he really recovering or is he laughing at you?!

Israa: I don’t think that because his appearance and words never indicate that he is a drug user 

Reham: Ok, look, don’t answer him and run away from him with any pretext, okay 

Israa: Okay, I don’t know who is putting the rivet on?!

Reham: I am skeptical, but soon I will be certain, and I want to tell you that magic has turned against the magician 

Israa: What does that mean?!

Reham: The one whose name is Youssef started taking this drug and became addicted to it, and Dr. Essam said that he should go to a clinic to get treatment.

Israa, with tears: What? Yo...Youssef! No, Joseph, no medicine..What will he do or will he be good?!

Reham: I didn’t tell you that he should go to a hospital 

Israa: I'm coming right away. I have to see him and check on him myself

Reham: You are crazy, where can you do this? Our matter will be revealed 

Israa: I can't, Reham, I have to see him and check on him for my sake, please 

Reham: Okay, wait until he goes to the sanatorium, and I will go and visit him there and that's it 

Israa: M..Okay, but take care of it for my sake 

Reham: God willing, my mother is fine?!

Israa: Oh, thank God, I will go to her now 

Reham: Okay bye 

Reham closed and went down to the kitchen and saw Rehab and Safaa standing and talking 

Reham: Oh, good evening

Safaa: Good evening, my daughter needs something?!

Reham: I just wanted to drink 

Safaa: What we heard is true, Mrs. Israa 

Reham: What did you hear?!

Safaa: Professor Youssef turned out to be an addict 

Reham: Unfortunately, yes, it turned out to be taken from the parchment that was written for me, and the parchment turned out to be changed, meaning there was someone who wanted to hurt me. 

All this while her eyes were on Rehab, who became nervous and was looking away from Reham, who approached her: You, with a bite of your tongue, told me that you are the one who brings me the rivet when it is finished and that you will not come out until you are sure that I took it. I mean, you knew very well that this rivet was replaced. 

Rehab is nervous: Who...me? No, of course it is impossible to do anything like this 

Reham: Mmm, this is very nice. When you come to the officer, say these two words and keep in mind. I recorded what you said, meaning you will leave tonight and go in sixty days. 

Rehab, while holding her hand: I kiss your hand, Mrs. Israa. I am not at fault. I swear to God Almighty. I do not know that the rivet is replaced because I am not the one who brought it at all. 

Reham: Umal who?!

Rehab: Your uncle is the one who always brings it to you 

Reham was surprised: My uncle?!

Rehab: Yes 

Reham: I mean, he was the one who asked you to make sure that I take him, not like that?!

Rehab: No, it is not Mrs. Salma 

Reham: Why did you lie to me and say that my mother was the one who asked you to do that!

Rehab: Salma’s wife is the one who asked me to do this because you are always at odds, but she loves you and wants your best interest.

Reham was distracted for a while and began to think about whether Salma and Maher agreed with each other or whether there was something else that she did not know yet. Then she heard Rehab’s voice: By the Prophet, my lady, forgive me. By God, I am a victim and I can say that as long as the officer is normal. I am truly oppressed.

Reham: Okay, Rehab, calm down. I will ask you for one favor, and you too, Dada Safaa. This talk does not come out outside to any human being, whether inside or outside the house. 

Rehab and Safaa: present 

Reham went out to her room and heard Salma’s voice talking to someone and leaving the door to the room open. Reham stood up and heard her saying: I’m telling you, Youssef, my brother came out to take the rivet that I was taking for the asphalt here, woooooooooooooooooooooooo..

- I told you, Youssef, my brother, started taking the rivet I was bringing for the asphalt here. What should I do or will it be treated?!

Anonymous person: Calm down, my love. He will go to a clinic and he will be treated normally 

Salma: Yes, but I am very afraid that something will happen to him, and he will not be able to go to a hospital. If the press finds out, we will be exposed, our reputation will be in the mud, and my father’s job will be ruined.

Asr: Calm down, your stress will expose you. They mean it. Treat yourself normally, and your father will definitely behave. The important thing is that I want to meet you.

Salma: Where can we meet?

Aser: I bought the apartment you said about it and I want to release it to you and then I will come and present it to you immediately.

Salma with joy: Seriously, Asr, you did this for me and finally our relationship will come to light. 

Aser: Yes, of course I do all this for you. I love you so much, my soul 

Salma: I die for you 

Aser: I will close now because I have work, and I will talk to you when I finish

Salma: Okay, bye

Reham heard the words and quickly took some of them and went into her room before Salma or anyone else could see her. She got out her phone and called Israa. 

Reham: How are you, Israa? 

Israa sadly: Thank God for everything. Please tell me what news about Youssef?

Reham: God willing, he will be fine. The important thing is that I wanted to ask you about someone you know named Aser?!

Israa: No, I don’t remember anyone with that name 

Reham: Okay, just try

Israa is thinking: Believe me, I don’t know anyone. I don’t have any young friends and our circle of acquaintances is limited, but why do you ask?!

Reham: You will know everything at the right time. The important thing is what is my mother doing?

Israa: Thank God, she is fine. She took the treatment and fell asleep. Try to find out everything before the operation date so that you can be by her side. 

Reham: God willing, I will go to sleep, and tomorrow morning I will come and see her and sit with you for a while.

When Asr hung up the call, he looked at his father maliciously: Congratulations, Dad. Our first mission was completed without much effort. 

Sami: Yes, but her cousin doesn’t accuse us of anything. I care about Maher Al Mansi’s children, not his brother’s niece.

Asr: What you don’t know, my father, is that Youssef Ibn Maher also used to take alcoholic beverages and became an official addict. 

Sami gloated: Seriously, don't be aware that this thing is your job

I started laughing: Who is this woman who makes me work? This is like the ring on my finger, and you heard about your love. 

Sami: It is very nice that the next one will be his daughter, and we will seriously beat him to death, so that he will think a thousand times before competing with me and challenging me.

Asr: But news like this should spread quickly. The son of the well-known businessman Maher Al-Mansy, and his right arm is taking drugs. 

Sami is malicious: He should be at the top of all social media, and there is evidence as well 

Asr: How?!

Sami: We are waiting for him to go to the hospital, and it will be very easy for us to prove this 

Families: Yes, but Maher Al-Mansy does not intend to send his son to a hospital to be treated. He may be transferred home to a hospital to keep this news secret. 

Sami: Even if what she says happened to you like this, you have the working paper, you will ask her to take a picture of her brother and send you his picture along with the statements and tests on the pretext that you want to see your future brother-in-law a good doctor, especially since you feel guilty towards him.

Aser: I take my hat off in appreciation of your rigid mentality, Hajj, I swear

At Maher, who was sitting with his hand on his cheek and thinking, and his sadness seemed evident... Please: Maher, you can never be weak and sad. God willing, Youssef will go to the hospital, be treated, and be fine.

Maher: What hospital will Youssef enter, please? Do you know that once he sets his foot, I will not pass there? Our biography will remain on every tongue, and doors will open for us that I have been fighting for years to close, except for the gloating of what is done and what is not.

Raja: What do we mean by leaving the boy like this?!

Maher: No, I will ask Essam to find a solution, and I will bring him here everything he needed in the hospital. 

Raja: And his money, my love, and I will take care of him

Maher: The thing that makes me crazy right now: Youssef doesn’t smoke a cigarette. How can he take a rivet and remain addicted?

Raja: Not Youssef, but also Israa, because she used to tell Dr. Essam that he was taking from my rivet. 

Maher: What does this mean? It means that there is someone inside the villa who wants to harm the children, and the first purpose is Israa and Youssef brought the man. 

Raja: Yes, but who could do something like this and how in the first place when you are the one who is getting the treatment for Israa yourself? 

Maher: I don’t know, I would go crazy, but by God, if I knew who he was, I would not have mercy on him from my hands except death.

Please: Please, my love, calm down. Nervousness will not benefit you. You must be completely relaxed in order to know how to reach what you want. 

The next day, Reham asked Malak to drive her home, and Malak actually went to her and took her in the car and walked away. 

At Israa's, she went down to get breakfast, and when she came back, she found Ahmed waiting for her under the house 

Israa: You! What are you doing here?!

Ahmed: The last time I saw you, you didn’t accept us, and I don’t know how to reach your number to check on you. 

Israa: I am reassured. Please leave here so that none of the neighbors can see us together.

Ahmed: Well, I can’t shut them up and come forward to you 

Israa: I think we talked about this topic and I told you to give me time to think 

Ahmed: It happened while I was still talking, but what should I do with my long-lost heart? 

Israa: I swear you are crazy 

Ahmed: I am really crazy about you, Reham 

Israa: I have to go out because my mother wants to have breakfast with me

Israa left him and went out to her apartment. Ahmed smiled and got into his car to walk, and as he reached the beginning of the street, Malak was entering and they were banging on each other. Malak got out and was screaming, and Reham also: You, our brother, do not open or give any signal. 

Ahmed: By the way, you are the one who made a mistake because you were the one who should have done that..... 

He was still going to continue his words, but he was shocked when he saw Reham and said in shock: Reham...how is it not possible?

Ahmed was shocked the first time he saw Reham coming down from the car and fighting with him: Reham...how can this never be possible? 

Reham, with a raised eyebrow: What is this that is not possible, God willing?!

Ahmed thought for a while and then said: No, I'm just surprised that you're down now and we're still very early. I mean, your idea hasn't arrived yet.

Reham: Give me a place for you! Then I want to know why you are coming here now!

Ahmed: I want to know your response to what I said to you 

Reham: I think I asked for time to think and feel that I am really comfortable, and then I will respond to you, and you said that you are ready to wait for your whole life or what!

Ahmed: Yes, and I am still talking, but I wonder if the reason is really that you need time to think, or is there any other reason?

Reham is confident, contrary to her internal tension: What does another reason mean?!

Ahmed: Your mother will have an operation soon, for example, and this is the reason for your refusal 

Reham: Yes, this is also a reason 

Ahmed: If this is really the reason, I would like to come to you before the operation so that I can be by your side 

Reham: I do not check on my mother first and then, may God make it easy for her 

Ahmed: What you see, Reham, but I hope to hear your response soon so that my heart can be at ease 

Then he apologized to Malak and expanded the road for them, and Reham arrived at her apartment and went out to hug her mother and continued to talk to her a lot.... Israa: Hey, Reham, too, I don’t know who is behind this rivet thing?!

Reham: Salma is your cousin and she was getting it from someone named Asr, so I asked you if you knew anyone with that name.

Israa with a painful laugh: It's not surprising. I felt like she had a hand, but I never expected that her jealousy and jealousy of me could lead her to this. 

Malak: Thank God, my love, it came this way. The important thing is that you found out early so you can catch up and get treatment. 

Israa: Did Youssef go to the hospital?!

Reham: No, your uncle turned his room into the hospital so he wouldn’t come out, and the matter is being known

Israa sadly: I have to see him 

Malak: Israa, you can’t go like this. Your secret will be revealed

Israa: No, it will be revealed or anything. You will take me and make me check on him. Come back and take Reham. After that, it’s easy. 

King with surrender: what you see 

Reham: Take me with you 

Malak: Where can we take you with us? Suppose someone has seen you 

Reham: City, I will wait for you in Arabic. No one will care 

King: Okay, come on, stand up, aunt 

The three got out and got into the car and moved towards the villa, not worrying about Ahmed, who was walking behind them, until they arrived, and the king of her car parked a little way away, and Reham left, and she and Israa got out. When they were gone, Ahmed opened the car and rode next to Reham. 

Reham Baddah: What is this? Are you watching me or what?!

Ahmed Hadda: I want to know right now what you are hiding from me!

Reham: What do I hide from you?!

Ahmed: Reham, don’t talk and look around a lot. Why does this girl look so much like you and stay in your house where you are?!

Reham with a smile: How did you know that I am Reham and not her?

Ahmed with confidence: Because your ferocity is not present in it either, and the tone of your voice, I felt from the beginning that something was wrong, but I said, “Maybe the days changed you and you remained gentle like girls.” 

Reham sharply: Yes, her trick means saying that I am not a girl like girls 

Ahmed: You are the wife of all the girls and my beloved as well 

Reham smiled shyly... Ahmed: I want to know the story 

Reham started telling him the matter from the beginning, to the astonishment of Ahmed, who said sharply: How can you agree to something like this in the first place? Suppose your matter is revealed, then they might imprison you on charges of fraud or impersonation, and how did your mother agree in the first place?

Reham: First of all, it is impossible for me to reveal to you that I see the great resemblance. There is nothing that separates us. Also, this is an opportunity that if I miss it, I will be stupid. My mother needed an operation as soon as possible. How could I have had the operation without money?

Ahmed: You don’t have to continue this ridiculous topic. Give her the money back and I will give it to you and we will end this game.

Reham: The issue right now is not just money. I really want to help Israa. She is a very good girl and I love her. 

While they were talking, they saw Salma leaving the villa in her car... Reham: Ahmed, drive behind this house quickly, don’t let her run away from you. 

Ahmed: Get down in my car quickly 

Reham came down after she took the key to Malak’s stroller and locked it. She called Malak and informed her that she was watching Salma and that she would stay with Israa until she returned... They kept walking behind her without her realizing it, and they saw her hugging a family and getting into his stroller with him, and they went to an apartment in a new building. 

Salma: Why are we coming here?!

Asr with a wink: To see our apartment, have you forgotten or what?!

Salma: Yes, but not here. The apartment I chose was in a really developed compound

Aser: It happened, but unfortunately I followed and said, “Buy here and write it off with the design you choose.” 

Salma: But the place is so cut off and so far away that there are no workers!

Family: Today is Friday and they stop working, today is a vacation, so let’s go down

Salma is nervous: Get down! Where do I go?

Family: Come down, my daughter, so I can show you what the apartment is in. You don’t trust me or what!

Salma: No, of course, I am very confident in you and you know that well 

Asr: Why are you afraid of me?

Salma: No, it is not fear, but it means the place is cut off, and so when you say the apartment is not finished, it means there is no need for me to come down. 

Assar by acting: Hmm, I mean, my feeling is correct, and you don’t trust me, in general, okay

He turned his car to walk, but he stopped peacefully: That's it, that's it, my love, I'll go see her. 

Salma went down with him and went upstairs. The apartment was covered with wood and everything was covered. She entered and found him locking the door and seeing him with the key. Whoa...

-Salma went down with families and they went to the apartment where the wood and everything was installed, and as soon as they entered they locked the door with the key.

Salma with a nervous smile: Why, Aser, why do you lock the door with the key?!

Asr: So that no one bothers us and separates me, baby

Salma walking away: Who is bothering us? We are in a cut off place and there is almost no one but us. 

Capturing: Another increase in safety is that when the mouse enters the trap, the door is locked at all times so that it cannot exit again.

Salma fearfully: What do you mean?!

He whispered maliciously: What you understood, my heart 

Salma Basrikh: Follow me, people. Someone will join me, for God’s sake 

He laughed loudly and imitated her: Someone will catch me from this monster... Who will catch you, smart one? Scream from here until morning, no one will save you from me. 

Salma with tears: Shame on you, family. I did not do anything bad to you. I was listening to your words. Every word you said. My father’s work files and the surveillance camera system. He and my sisters’ movements. I was not hiding anything from you because I trusted you. 

Asr: This remains the biggest reason that makes me afraid of you. Someone betrayed the trust of her family. You will not betray me. Then you will treat her with respect. You do not know that there will be no one but us here. Also, you are very sweet, blame me. I will not capture the morning that finds itself in something and does not care about it.

Salma: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, how could I have been so jealous and cheated on you like this? 

Asr: What can I say, don't save your effort and get taste 

Salma preferred to scream at the top of her voice and call for help and plead with him, but this was his plan from the beginning. He brutally approached her and tore her blouse. 

Reham: Ahmed...Ahmed, break the door. We must help her

Ahmed, without really thinking, began to break down the door and walk away from Salma nervously, and suddenly the door opened and Ahmed ran to Asar and began to attack him and throw various punches at him in the face. As for Reham, I ran to Salma and took off the blazer that she was wearing over her clothes and put it on her and hugged her while she was giving her a gift. 

Reham: That's it, Ahmed, it's enough, let's go from here, come on 

The three got out and Salma was staring at Reham like a little girl. They got into the car after her without speaking 

Reham: Ahmed, can't you go to any clothing store that meets you?!

Ahmed: Perfect, present 

They entered the nearest store they found, and Salma changed her clothes and left, crying profusely 

Reham Mawasiya: Calm down, Salma, thank God you are fine 

Salma with sadness and regret: I am very upset with myself, Israa. I did many wrong things because of this animal. If Baba, Youssef, or Saif knew about it, it would be the end of me for sure. 

Reham: None of us can make a mistake. The important thing is that we excel and understand before it is too late 

Salma: I will never forget or forgive myself. I was the first reason for what Youssef and you are in

Reham: I know 

Salma was shocked: I know! Do you know how long ago!!

Reham: It doesn't matter 

Salma: I mean, you knew and kept quiet, why didn’t you tell my father and mother please!

Reham: Firstly, there was no evidence against you. Secondly, I wanted to know who captured this person who is helping you. 

Salma: How did you know my way?!

Reham: I saw you leaving the villa and I watched you frankly

Salma sadly: However, you saved me. I am very disappointed in myself, I swear 

Reham: Salma, forget everything else and let us start a new page, friends and sisters 

At Israa, who was sitting next to Youssef, holding his hand, kissing it and crying very sadly: “Please wake up, Youssef, I can’t see you like this. Get up and yell at me, but feel free to go back to your health again, my soul.” 

Youssef was listening to her, he smiled forcefully and said: Despite everything I did to you, you are afraid for me

Israa: Of course, you are my love...you are my brother 

Youssef: Your brother 

Israa: Yes, then stop talking so you don’t get tired 

Youssef: I mean, I'm just your brother 

Israa felt that she was very exposed, so she said: I will ask permission because I have work 

Youssef: I love you 

Israa was stunned by Youssef’s sentence, and she felt like she was dreaming, so she looked at him and said: What did you say?

Youssef: I really love you, I swear 

Israa, patting him on his shoulder, said: I will leave all this time to me, what you give to God 

Youssef Bouja: Ahhh, I went back on my words again. I don’t want you to leave. 

Israa laughed and so did Youssef, and then he fell asleep due to the effect of the treatment. Israa came out looking happy 

Malak: Why are you so happy, Moon?

Israa: Finally, he said it, O King of Stone 

A king with joy: I swear I love you 

Israa shook her head meaning, “Yes, Malak hugged her,” and Saif was coming to see Youssef

Saif: How are you, Israa? How are you, King? 

Israa: Thank God, Saif 

Saif: Israa, can you say two words in private, please? 

Israa was afraid because she knew that he would play a prank on her as usual, or that he might hit her, so she moved away in fear... Saif: Don’t be afraid, Israa, I really need you on an important topic. 

Israa walked with him and was the king of following them with her eyes... Saif: I don’t know where or how to start, but I’m sorry. 

Israa was surprised and nervous: Oh, sorry for what?!

Saif: I'm sorry for every time I upset you and came at you, and for every time I raised my hand against you intentionally and without regret, that I was always hurting you and coming for you. I'm really upset with myself and I know that any apology will not be accepted. 

Israa, with tears: Are you talking seriously or laughing at me?

The first time Saif saw her tears, his eyes filled with tears. He grabbed her head and held her hand with arrows and said: By God, you seriously have a right over me, and I swear I will never make you upset again. 

Israa happily: I forgive you, Sifo 

Saif: From your heart, Iso 

Israa: From my heart, Sifo 

Saif smiled and asked permission from her and entered to see Youssef... Malak approached her: What did he want from you to annoy you or do something to you?!

Israa: No, not at all. He apologized to me for everything he did to me. I am really very happy. This is the happiest day of my life, really. 

A few seconds later, Malak's phone rang, and it was Reham who had asked Malak to let Israa hide because Salma was entering. Indeed, when Salma entered, Israa came out and saw Ahmed with Reham. She became afraid and tensed. Reham approached her: Don't be afraid, Ahmed knows everything. 

Israa approached her and hugged her tightly and said: Thank you for everything you did for me, because because of you, my life has changed 180 degrees. 

Reham: Thanks be to God, you are good and your intention is good, and according to your intention, you have provided 

Malak: I think that the goal to be proven has been achieved, and we can stop this game and let Israa return to her home

Reham: No, not now, my mission is still not finished......

-No, not yet, my mission is still not finished. There is still a part I need to finish 

Israa: You mean Salma?!

Reham: No, the topic of Salma is over, and you will start a new page... Reham began to tell Israa and Malik about what happened with Salma. 

Israa: What part are you talking about?!

Reham: Everything is too late, Israa, and I don’t want to get ahead of events, oh world. Maybe I will call you tomorrow and tell you my turn is over. 

Israa: Look, I don’t really understand what you mean, but I trust you 

Reham: Come on, let her go to my mother’s house 

King: Okay, we will meet again, Riri Bye 

After they walked....Ahmed Haddah: I think I kept silent because I meant them to belittle you, but I am not with you in what you are doing. Why do you want to sit here again? Her relationship with her cousins ​​has not been resolved, and what else is her love for?

Reham: She is still her uncle, whose intentions I still don’t know, and the one whose name is Asr will not pass her by so easily.

Ahmed complained: And you are the owner of it. You are the one who thinks of yourself as a social interest. That’s it. She depends on herself and solves her problems on her own. 

Reham: Ahmad, I understand that Israa is very weak and has nothing to do with you. You still don’t know her.

Ahmed: Listen, Reham, you are very late tomorrow, and this is my last word 

Reham: Why do you speak so confidently, as if I will hear what you say!

Ahmed: Because I am your lover and I will be your husband 

Reham smiled shyly and said to him: Okay, come on, let's go from here 

Ahmed: After you, I am Hebat here 

Reham: Take it easy 

Then Reham left him and entered the villa... When the one who recovered was captured and he called his father, he went to him with some of his men. 

Sami: Who among the sons of Mansi did this to you?!

Family: There is no strange family I don’t know who was with the girl, her cousin

Sami: How did you not realize that someone was watching you? 

Asr: It's not on my mind, Dad, that's it 

Sami: Do you know if this girl told her father and he knew what you were up to, what he would do to us?!

Asr: What will he do? Then she can't say it 

Sami: Why did he stay, God willing?!

Asr: Dad, you are the master of the wise. She will go and tell her father that I was going with him in my mood, or she will tell him that I was a substitute for any information of yours, or that I was the one who brought her the rivets for her cousin. 

Sami: The girl may not speak, but what happened to her cousin? Why don’t you blow her horn?!

Asar: This is a cowardly family, and everyone considers it oppressive, and Salma Miss will definitely let her speak. 

Sami: Okay, people, let me take you to the hospital 

Families: No, of course. What hospital will we go to? In C&C, call any doctor who follows us. He will come and examine me at home, and that’s it. 

Today was normal without any problems... The second day of the trip, Reham came down and said: Good morning 

Everyone: Good morning... Maher: Where?!

Reham: I'm going to see a king, Uncle, there's something wrong with him!

Maher: Yes, there is some paper I want you to spend so that we can complete the deal with the Italian company.

Reham: Ok, I can take it with me and get it when I get back 

Maher gave her the paper and Reham went to her house with Ahmed, and she was with Israa and Reham’s mother 

Israa: What is this paper?!

Reham: Your uncle says he has a deal and you don’t know what?

Israa: Okay, let me go 

Reham: Don’t read it first, my daughter 

Israa: It's unnecessary, I don't understand anything about this job at all 

Reham: You brought this paper and I am reviewing it 

Indeed, Reham took the paper from her and noticed that there was a strange paper that was a power of attorney to transfer Israa’s share in the company to Maher 

Reham: Your uncle wants to force you to give up your right 

Israa in tears: Why is this that even my share does not come to a quarter and I left everything behind, why does he deal with it as he wants? 

Ahmed: This is the very mistake of leaving what is left in what is left behind. Not all people are full and not everyone who is of your flesh will love you and fear for your interests.

Reham: Don’t be afraid, Israa, I will act 

Israa: No, Reham, you have been very good until now, this time is my time 

Reham: What are you going to do?!

Israa: Leave it to God, Reham.... She took out some money from her bag and said: Here you go, this is the rest of the money that we agreed on tomorrow, God willing, for a aunt operation. You must pay them before you enter. 

Reham: Put your money back in your bag, Israa. I don’t need them anymore 

Israa: What are you saying? This was our agreement 

Reham: And I changed it. I no longer need the money. I earned something more precious than money. Knowing you and yours. 

A king with love: You are very cool, Reham, and it was truly the best coincidence that happened 

Reham: My love...the important thing is, Israa, what are you intending to do?

Israa: I intend to create a character for myself. I intend to change because myself has made it difficult for me since everyone has come to her and taken advantage of her. I intend to be a new Israa that will surprise everyone. 

Israa and Malak said goodbye to Reham and they went down.... Ahmed: Oh, I know that the time is not appropriate, and Reham was refusing to discuss the matter with you until after the operation, but I think that this is the most appropriate time. 

Majeeda: Is it good, my son?

Ahmed: I am a student with Reham 

Majeed with joy: I will never find anyone to love and protect my daughter like you 

Reham: Hello, dear mother, where did you know?!

Majeeda: Ahmed was born at my hands and raised among us, and I know that he has loved you for a long time.

Ahmed: You will be safe, God willing, and we will agree on everything 

Majeeda: God willing, my son 

When Israa arrived at the villa..King: I will go with you 

Israa: No, there is no need for you 

King: I can't leave you alone 

Israa: It's okay, king, I have to face him myself, and God is with me. Rest assured, what will he do? I mean, more than what they were doing.

Israa went down and entered the house, and Maher and Saif were sitting in the office finishing papers 

Maher: Hello, Hanem, it's not yet early, why are you so late?!

Israa: I'm not late, sir. If you look at your watch, you will find that I haven't completed an hour and a half. 

Maher: Mmmmm, what are you wearing? This is not the clothes you were going out in......

-What are you wearing? This is not the clothes you went out in in the morning. Tell me where you were, bit, instead of X*RC

Because of Maher's loud voice, everyone left the room, including Youssef... Saif stood in front of his father and said: What's wrong, Dad? I don't think there's a problem at all. It couldn't be that something happened to her clothes, that's why she changed them or bought them. 

Maher: I swear, did you become her lawyer or what? Since when was this kind woman?

Saif: From now on, Dad, I will not accept anyone laying his hand on Israa again. 

Maher looked at Raja: I see your good upbringing is back, wearing clothes other than the ones you came out in, and the Pasha is raising his voice at me and forgetting that I am his father.

Please: Your right is on me and Ahdi, let us understand it 

Maher: We do not understand how the matter has ended. Where is the deal paper?

Israa took the paper out of her bag, gave it to her, and watched his reaction as he reviewed the paper. 

Maher: There is a missing paper, where did it go?!

Israa: There is no missing paper, my uncle. I reviewed the paper myself and I am sure that this is the paper for the complete deal, and you did not intend it on this paper. 

She took the paper out of her pocket..She looked at her mother and said: Do you know what this paper is, Mama? This is a general power of attorney to relinquish my share in the company. 

Raja took the paper and looked at it in shock... Maher was clearly nervous: This girl is a liar. It is impossible for me to do anything like this, please. 

Please: My daughter does not know how to lie, Maher. Why should I lie to her? When I see with my own eyes the treatment of you and your children since the day you married me, God bears witness to me that I loved them as much as she did, and I raised them as much as I loved her, and I never made them feel that I was a father to them. I was not a mother to them, and in return, you did nothing for my daughter or your children. They maintained the beauty and treated her well! I used to say that it is permissible, may God guide you to her, but the cruelty increased as if she were your enemy

Maher is nervous: I...I told Omar that he is running the company and the factory. What will make me do this?!

Please: Because my daughter has grown up and is past the legal age and can claim her rights, it is normal for you to be afraid of this. Well, if you wanted her for yourself and your children, I would have given her a right. This is a girl and an orphan. We are the will of your late brother. This is the trust!

Maher sadly: I'm sorry, please 

Please: Don’t feel sorry for me, I feel sorry for the orphan you came upon, insulted, and took advantage of her kindness and compassion.

Maher goes to Israa: You have the right to me, my daughter. You know that I have done you many wrongs, and that I am greedy and covetous. The devil may have tempted me, but I promise you that I will make it up to you and I will be your father, not an uncle or a husband. 

Israa: You don't care, uncle 

Maher: No, tell me, dad, and I promise you that you will never regret it 

Israa with a smile: Yes, dad 

Salma with tears: Finally, you have the right, Celia, to love her and be attached to her 

Celia was surprised: What is this? Who is talking to you, Salma, seriously!

Salma: Her demon's hopes 

Celia with joy: Finally, all of you have realized its value, and this is what I have been wondering about for a long time.

Youssef was standing there smiling. Then he went into his room and Israa came out. They kept talking for a long time 

After a year had passed... Youssef regained his strength and full health, and his love for Israa grew with time. Salma changed a lot and became more committed. She accompanied Israa and Maher, and he fulfilled his promise to her. One day, Youssef asked for Israa’s hand from his father, and of course he agreed, and they agreed that they would engage in an engagement despite the distress, and on the day of the engagement, Israa came out. She is wearing a white knee-length dress and is very simple 

Youssef: Today is the happiest day of my life. I hope we are happy 

A voice behind him: What is this, Si Youssef, you are betraying me!

Youssef turned his face and was shocked when he found another woman standing and wearing the same dress as Israa 

Youssef Batohan: Where are you coming from? 

Everyone is in shock... Celia: 2 Israa, how is this?!

Reham: You are not supposed to love me, but you are supposed to know who among us is Israa!

Please: If I am your mother, she does not know which one you are, how will he know!

Youssef looked into Reham’s eyes and then looked into Israa’s eyes. He held Israa’s hand and said: You are Israa. 

Israa smiled happily and said: How did you know me?!

Youssef: My heart that feels for you and the look in your eyes that are full of love and warmth never changes. 

Saif: No, for a few seconds, but don't let us get lost. Who is this?! What is happening? 

Malak: I will tell you everything 

Malak began to tell the plan of Israa and Reham.... Malak: Indeed, Reham succeeded greatly, bringing Israa, Salma, Youssef, and Uncle Maher closer together as well. 

Israa: Not only that, I also learned a lot of things from her, and because of her, I started to trust myself more, stop being afraid, and gained a new friend that I can’t do without. 

Israa hugged her with love....Israa: By the way, today is Reham’s engagement as well, and I insisted that he be with us. 

Then Ahmed and Majeeda entered..Salma went towards Ahmed and Reham: I am very thankful for your standing by my side on that fateful day

Reham: Don’t say that. Anyone anywhere would have done that and more. The most important thing is that you knew what Israa was up to and got close to her. Surely what happened taught you a lesson. 

Salma: Of course, and frankly, I would love for us to be friends if possible!

Reham: Of course, I am honored 

The engagement took place amidst everyone's joy, and Saif was watching them with teary eyes and a mixed feeling between joy for his brother and cousin and sadness that he could not take the love of his life. He pulled himself away without anyone thinking and went to the back garden, his eyes streaming with tears and he found someone who put his hand on his shoulder and quickly wiped away his tears and was surprised that it was a property. ...Saif: King...is there something wrong?!

King: I love you

Saif was surprised: What did you say?!

Malak: I said that I love you, and for a long time, by the way, but I was annoyed with you because of your treatment of Israa, but now, oh........

Saif: What now?!

Malak: I can say that you have successfully captured my heart 

Saif: Say, God willing, you will marry me 

King: Yes 

Saif hugged her from his happiness, then he held her hand and entered inside asking for her hand from her father, and of course they agreed, and then he took her with everyone and they went to buy a network and get engaged as well. 

Celia sadly: It's all connected, and you, my heart, are alone. My uncle, come back to me, Lord 

Salma laughs: It's not me when I get engaged first 



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