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عريس بعد فرحه باسبوع كامله وحصريه وجديده

 عريس بعد فرحه باسبوع كامله وحصريه وجديده 

القراء الاعزاء اضغطوا على التلات نقط إللي باعلي شاشة الموبيل من جهة الشمال واختاروا كلمة ترجمه لقراءه الروايه مع تمنياتي بوقت ممتع وسعيد ❤️🌹🌺❤️

A week after my wedding, I discovered that my wife was in contact with the underworld, the people underground, and she was hiding it from me, otherwise I would not have married her. 

I left her in the room and went out to get a cup of water. I got it and came back, and I still hadn't entered the room. I heard her say... 


I wish there was “bronzer” in it as much as the four countries.

A cup of water fell from my hand 

Oh, your black sadness, boy, how can one deal with it? I am incomplete. The important thing is that I knocked on the door, so if they were there, I would let them go and I wouldn’t see them and they wouldn’t see me. And I actually went in and didn’t find anything, thank God. 

I sat on the edge of the bed like someone who is afraid of his mother telling his father that he drank cigarettes, and I read and finished all the Qur’an that I had memorized, and entered into Islamic verses and songs. What is age? I don’t like it, guys. 

After I got close to God and completely forgot about her, she told me 

Boy, why did you say you don't like the sea when I told you to go to Alexandria for a week? 

I told her, “What, wait, stay with you,” with all anger and irritation, as if she had cursed me with my mother 

Who told you we won't go? I love the sea

  She looked at me in amazement 

Yes, I love him. I was born on the buoy. No, of course we will go. I don’t allow you to bring the sea in front of me. I love him more than Zakaria’s uncle, the doorman. 

Of course, this is any word. I am afraid of drowning while in the bathtub 

But how can I prefer her request? I swear to God, guys. She said the entire spell, from the beginning of the primer, through the concealer, to the highlighter. 

The important thing is that my mother noticed that I was listening to what she was talking about before she spoke, and when she bothered me with the question, I told her. 

She said, “No, son, don’t be unfair. Maybe these are girls’ things from these two days. Tell me again, what did she say?” 

She said primer, concealer, highlighter and bronzer 

She looked at me with such fear and she told me she said bronzer?? 

Yes, mother, she said 

No, this girl is not wearing it  

Ok, I tell her that you said that 

Her face has a heart of colours 

It ruins you and your appearance, and I don't know how to make it my biography. I'm incomplete. You turn on me 

I took advantage of the opportunity 

I'm telling you to get ten items because it's her brain and travel 

Take it, my brother, just tell her that I am the one who gives you the money and that I love her, and I love you so much so that you don’t get upset with me, and as soon as you come back from the trip, I will bring her the sheikh. 

When we returned from traveling, my mother and I sat with a sheikh from our country, and we ate a bite together and talked about the matter. 

The sheikh took off his hat and scratched his head and said, “No, the names are heavy, I don’t want to spend it with them.” 

Uncle, he will guide you and please you. He said, “Okay, I will sit with her and tell her what you said and see, maybe you are wrong about the origin of the names. This is a clan as it is.”  

And you knew where they were from, Sheikh? They were a clan 

He said the origin of their names is strange and this is the first time I hear them 

I called her with all the politeness of a husband, not fear of her, no, this is love 

My love, my love... after all, the universe did not sell me 

I went in, said hello, and sat down 

After the Sheikh recited Ayat al-Kursi in a low, moving voice, I heard him say it 

My daughter, you know how to contour 

Oh uncle 

What a black and dull day 

Okay, my daughter, for God’s sake, focus 

Know the console 

Oh uncle, I know this concealer, I have it inside 

I heard something coming from here and I started to put on my flip flops to go to the mosque to see if there was any prayer that I had missed. 

The Sheikh went to hold my hand and told me, “By God Almighty, you are not standing.” 

I sat down and it's up to God 

The Sheikh said, “Daughter, these people have been using you since my nation.” 

She said that I am the one who uses them, not they who use me 

The Sheikh heard that she was the one using them from here, and he looked around in his flip-flops, almost looking to see if there was any prayer that he had missed, either, or anything. 

I caught him and said to him three times, “By God Almighty, who are you standing?” 

And the first time she said, “I have them four times, I will go get them.” 

Our people ran, me and him, knocking over each other, and he followed us to grab something to wear on our feet. When we went outside, I found the sheikh with a half-boot. 

I came to laugh, but I didn't know it because I had my mother's boots with me 

The important thing is that we stayed outside for a quarter of an hour while my mother was inside alone, waiting for my mother’s first cry, and we agreed to break the door on them and say in one voice: 

" al-Kursi vrse " 

And we burn them as Izzat Al-Alayli burned Adel Imam among humans and jinn 

The important thing is that it has been half an hour and they have no breath 

The Sheikh sighed and said, “Praise be to God, both of them died and we were saved from their evil.” 

I told him, what are you saying, uncle? Wait, let's go in and see what's going on with the half-boots you're wearing. 

The important thing is that I entered without making a sound, with the sheikh behind me 

I found my mother, in the name of God, God willing, and her face was ten years younger and like the moon. I thought that this was a jinn from my wife’s possessions. She wore her clothes as young men, but I discovered the truth when my mother approached me with all the tenderness of a mother. 

She started to mark me with the pen and told me 

Bring the ten items you took to travel with. I want to get all kinds of primers, concealers, contours, and all of them. 

Oh, you got dressed, oh 

She said: These are makeup tools, you ignorant person, you don't look like your father used to hold an eyeliner pencil and correct the kids with it at school.



ادخلوا بسرعه حملوه وخلوه علي موبيلاتكم من هنا 👇👇👇

من غير ماتدورو ولاتحتارو جبتلكم أحدث الروايات حملوا تطبيق النجم المتوهج للروايات الكامله والحصريه مجاناً من هنا

وكمان اروع الروايات هنا 👇

روايات كامله وحصريه من هنا

انضموا معنا على تليجرام ليصلكم اشعار بالروايات فور نزولها من هنااااااااا